Used products - Board

96 lit splash board

nice condition bump and jump board

Price: 150.00 €

Starboard Start M

starbaord start M - quite used, but working fine. 284 x 94,5 cm, 238 Lit.

Price: 499.00 €

Starboard Start L

Very nice condition starboard Start L, 275 x 100.5cm

Price: 690.00 €

RRD Twintip 91

RRD Twintip 91 230 x 59.5 full carbon sandwich, construction. Light, and no softened areas

Price: 400.00 €

rrd x-fire v7 98l

RRD X-Fire 98 lit slalom board, nice condition, stiff, light, for sale, without fin.

Price: 490.00 €

Fanatic Triple-X 105L carbon sandwich

Fanatic Triple X, in ok condition, carbon sandwich

Price: 300.00 €

JP Freestyle 106 full carbon

227 / 65,5 cm, carbon nose protector, good overall condition, only a small ding on the top, and some scratches. Light, and stiff, no soft spots. Cheap shipping is possible.

Price: 490.00 €

Starboard Isonic 2021 - 85

- used, perfect condition (test / photoshoot) Starboards flagship racing range with 12 world titles. Each year, Starboards racing team revisits each model in the relentless pursuit of the ultimate slalom performance at the highest level. 85 Carbon Sandwich

Price: 1 125.00 €

Starboard Futura 71 - 2022

Used, perfect condition test board. Carbon sandwich construction The test-winning board that really started the freerace craze for technical windsurfers seeking the impossible: maximum speed combined with comfort, control and jibing precision. The Futuras deliver maximum average speed with total confidence and comfort. - USED, perfect, no repairs, dings! THE FUTURA IN DETAIL The Futura concept is built around a wide, thin and compact body. Width gives you wind range and power. The thin profile lowers the centre of gravity for added control. The Futura allows you to save energy, maintain a high average speed for miles and make sporty jibes. ORiginal price: 2590 EUR

Price: 1 449.00 €

Starboard Isonic 2022 - 83

Isonic 2022 - no compromise slalom board by Starboard - Used, test board, in perfect condition. No repairs! 228 cm / 83 cm, 134 liter, carbon sandwich. low cost shipping in EU possible

Price: 1 449.00 €

99liter novenove slalom board

Nice condition slalom board, 99 lit, 235 cm / 63 cm no soft spots, light everywhere.

Price: 672.00 €

Starboard Carve 144 2020

Starboard Carve 144 2020 starlite carbon, almost new, incl footstraps, fins. Imported from Starboard, originally used for photoshoot / test purposes. Almost new, no dings, no repairs. 237 x 83 cm, 144 lit.

Price: 1 090.00 €

Starboard GO Starlite 155 - 2022

The iconic GO boards kickstarted the modern windsurfing era by introducing the widestyle concept. 22 years later, the GO boards continue to help thousands of progressing and advanced windsurfers through their first steps and their first carve jibes. Today′s GO boards feature the most advanced shapes, new sizes and an all-new Starlite construction. Let′s GO. Used - but new condition!! (No damages, scratches..)

Price: 1 090.00 €

Bic Nova 170L

Nice condition Bic nova 170L - good for intermediates, wanting to get into planning.

Price: 450.00 €