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    Insert for fins

    Insert for fins

    Threaded anodised brass for windsurf fins. 12mm outside diameter, 6mm thread (M6)

    Available sizes: m6

    Price: 4.00 €

    Tekknosport Roofrack strap

    Tekknosport Roofrack strap

    Strong roofrack straps, length: 4m, width: 25 or 35 mm, with stainless steel metal buckle, and EVA protection. Made in germany. Tensible force: 250kg (25mm), 350kg (35mm)

    Available sizes: 25mm / 35mm

    Price: 9.00 € - 13.00 €

    SDM mast protector

    SDM mast protector

    Mastprotector for the boom area for 48mm diameter standard masts. NOT suitable for skinny RDM masts

    Available sizes: SDM

    Original Price: 7.00 €

    Price: 5.00 €