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    Drake Freeride Power fin

    Drake Freeride Power fin

    The easy all-round freeride fin, emphasizing low-end power, stability and control. Thick and reasonably stiff, it gives a very solid and secure traction, with plenty of stability for an easy, locked-in and fast ride. The swept tip promotes easy jibing and carving capabilities.

    Available sizes: 38 cm

    Original Price: 139.00 €

    Price: 99.00 €

    Drake Venom freerace fin

    Drake Venom freerace fin

    The extremely balanced Freerace fin, offering top speed and control. The combination of a straight leading edge, larger than a normal rake in combination with a very thin and flexible tip makes this fin unique in feel and performance. Designed for maximum control when fully maxed-out.

    Available sizes: 36 cm / 38 cm / 40 cm / 42 cm / 50 cm

    Original Price: 189.00 € - 199.00 €

    Price: 110.00 € - 162.00 €