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          Ezzy Cheetah 2019

          Ezzy Cheetah 2019

          The Cheetah is the fastest, easiest no-cam sail we?ve ever built. The Cheetah′s deep, wing-like profile is achieved by sewing profile into the panels, giving the Cheetah the look of a molded sail. This makes the draft significantly more stable and locked in. So, you get power, speed, and control for fast straights and easy jibes.

          Available sizes: 6.0 m² / 8.5 m²

          Price: 738.00 € - 835.00 €

          Ezzy Sails Legacy 2017

          Ezzy Sails Legacy 2017

          In an effort to improve the collection, David gave the new Legacy a more controllable feel across a wider wind spectrum. The new Legacy is also stronger. High density Spectra X Film is now used on the tack panel as well as the use of a combination of RBS epoxy battens and traditional battens.

          Available sizes: 5.8 m²

          Original Price: 560.00 €

          Price: 520.00 €

          Ezzy Sails Legacy 2018-2019

          Ezzy Sails Legacy 2018-2019

          The mantra of the Legacy is the same as its inception. The Legacy Series is designed to offer a more economically priced option for sailors that demand the reputable Ezzy quality. The Legacy Sails deliver sublime performance and durability but we trim the costs by eliminating some of the extra bells and whistles.

          Available sizes: 5.8 m² / 7.5 m²

          Price: 565.00 € - 615.00 €

          Ezzy Sails Lion 2020

          Ezzy Sails Lion 2020

          After over two years of R&D, the new Lion′Ezzy′s 2-cam freerider?is finally ready. The Ezzy Lion is a twin-cam, power-freeride sail. Unlike many wide-sleeved cambered sails on the market, the Lion′s sleeve is just narrow enough to make waterstarting and uphauling easy.

          Available sizes: 6.0 m² / 7.0 m² / 7.5 m² / 8.5 m²

          Price: 804.00 € - 875.00 €

          Ezzy Sails Taka 2015

          Ezzy Sails Taka 2015

          I designed the three batten Taka to be a pure wave sail. It's light in the hands and rides waves better than any sail I have ever used. During the Taka's developmental phase, there was always a fight between Kevin, Graham and me, on who got to use the Taka prototype that day.

          Available sizes: 4.5 m²

          Original Price: 699.00 €

          Price: 433.00 €

          Ezzy Taka2 2016

          Ezzy Taka2 2016

          Last year, we released the Taka: a 3-batten wave sail that combined maneuverability with stability. We loved that the Taka's profile adjusted itself during sailing. Power when you want it, and none when you don't--like in the middle of a gybe or cut-back. But we wanted to make an even more stable sail, especially in high wind. To do so, we re-shaped the foil and added an extra stabilizer batten above the boom.

          Available sizes: 5.0 m²

          Original Price: 755.00 €

          Price: 590.00 €