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          Ezzy Cheetah 2021

          Ezzy Cheetah 2021

          Fast. Easy. No-Cam. The Cheetah sets the standard for camless freeride sails. Shape is sewn into the panels to create the Cheetah?s deep, wing-like profile and stable, locked-in power.

          Available sizes: 6.5 m²

          Price: 780.00 €

          Ezzy Cheetah 2022

          Ezzy Cheetah 2022

          Do you want to rig quickly? Do you want stay on the same sail even when the wind changes? Do you want to go fast and jibe smoothly?
          So do we, which is why we make the Cheetah.

          Available sizes: 5.5 m² / 6.0 m² / 6.5 m² / 7.0 m² / 7.5 m² / 8.0 m² / 8.5 m² / 9.0 m²

          Price: 823.00 € - 958.00 €

          Ezzy Lion 2022

          Ezzy Lion 2022

          Are you an expert sailor looking for high performance, fast freeride?
          Then the Lion is for you.

          Available sizes: 6.0 m² / 6.5 m² / 7.0 m² / 7.5 m² / 8.0 m² / 8.5 m² / 9.5 m²

          Price: 820.00 € - 920.00 €

          Ezzy Taka2 2016

          Ezzy Taka2 2016

          Last year, we released the Taka: a 3-batten wave sail that combined maneuverability with stability. We loved that the Taka's profile adjusted itself during sailing. Power when you want it, and none when you don't--like in the middle of a gybe or cut-back. But we wanted to make an even more stable sail, especially in high wind. To do so, we re-shaped the foil and added an extra stabilizer batten above the boom.

          Available sizes: 5.0 m²

          Original Price: 755.00 €

          Price: 590.00 €