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    Unifiber Boardbag Pro Luxury

    Unifiber Boardbag Pro Luxury

    A hardy, travel-ready 6-mm bag with foam top and bottom and 8-mm nose and tail pads. Made from tarpaulin with a strong WRP (Water-Repellent Polyester) fabric topside and dotted PVC nose and tail pads for ultimate durability. The deck zipper layout ensures nose and tail protection when stored upright.

    Available sizes: 255/70 / 255/80 / 280/80

    Price: 119.00 €

    Unifiber single boardbag

    Unifiber single boardbag

    This simple, lightweight boardbag forms an effective protection layer against scratches and dings. Protect your board in storage or on the road. Long zipper makes it easy to insert the board. Generous length fin slot still allows fin to remain mounted.

    Available sizes: 235/60 / 235/65

    Original Price: 85.00 €

    Price: 59.00 € - 85.00 €

    Unifiber Boardbag Double Pro 255/80 incl wheels

    Unifiber Boardbag Double Pro 255/80 incl wheels

    Go-anywhere 10-mm. wall thickness, fits all your kit and 2 boards - ideal for global wind-hunting. Features white, tear, moisture and heat-resistant tarpaulin fabric and strong WRP (Water-Repellent Polyester) fabric topside for ultimate durability. Dotted PVC edges and XL wheels prevent damage from dragging.

    Available sizes: 255x80

    Price: 358.00 €