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RRD Rocker backpack

A lightweight back pack to be used in a million occasions. Lite, compact and small, the Rocker is the smallest back pack of our new collection.

Available sizes: black

Price: 27 €

RRD twinlock backpack

A medium size compact backpack with all the compart- ments of a full size bag. Super handy and comfortable on your shoulders.

Available sizes: black

Price: 50 €

Naish Laptop backpack

Put your laptop in a stylish, backpack for windsurfers, made by naish sails!

Available sizes: black

Price: 55 €

Naish Super Large Roller Bag

Quality travel bag from Naish Sails

Available sizes: Black

Price: 95 €

Naish Cruiser backpack

the cruiser backpack combines light weight carrying comfort and maximised volume.

Available sizes: szürke

Price: 69 €

Naish airline roller bag

Naish airline roller bag..

Available sizes: szürke

Price: 98 €