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Tabou Rocket 2018 AST

The Rocket is famous for being the most reliable and easy-to-use classic freeride board in the world.

Available sizes: 135 liter / 145 liter

Original Price: 1 399 €     Price: 1 050 €

Tabou Da Bomb 2018

The fastest Tabou wave board, designed for waves that require early planing and lots of speed

Available sizes: 104 liter

Original Price: 2 399 €     Price: 1 689 €

Tabou Speedster 2018

The Speedster is slalom speed without any difficulty.

Available sizes: 128 liter

Original Price: 2 399 €     Price: 1 658 €

Tabou Manta 2019

Professional Slalom racers and everybody, who wants to be the fastest at the spot. With the Manta under your feet, there?s no excuses! Nothing will hinder you from being at the top of the podium anymore, so make sure you?re on top of your game to fully make use of the Manta?s power.

Available sizes: 98 liter / 106 liter / 116 liter / 128 liter / 135 liter

Price: 2 299 €

Tabou Bullit 2018

Easy to use, durable, and accessibly priced, the Bullitt is the perfect board for new windsurfers or as a family board that the kids can learn on and mum and dad can use as well. We took the smooth speed and easy jibing of the Rocket and adapted these features to work with a less expensive construction.

Available sizes: 185 liter

Original Price: 1 499 €     Price: 1 050 €

Tabou 3S 2017 Ltd / CED

Freedom is the spirit of windsurfing. For us, freedom means simply having fun on the water in every kind of condition. A full quiver in just one board, the 3S is a board to ride in all sea conditions, similar to the all-mountain ski in skiing. The 3S planes fast and easy like a freerider but is maneuverable enough to carve in the waves and to try freestyle tricks

Available sizes: 96 liter / 106 liter

Original Price: 1 899 €     Price: 1 200 €

Tabou Twister 2017 used 1 week

Like in skateboarding, Freestylers want boards that go fast, pop high, and keep spinning, but most important is a feeling of control, which is why we designed the Twister to feel like an extension of your body, making it easy to try the newest freestyle moves.

Available sizes: 100 liter

Original Price: 2 200 €     Price: 1 090 €

Tabou 3S 2018 classic LTD / CED

A traditional, longer freewave outline with modern features makes the 3S Classic an easyto-ride board for freeride and bump?n?jump.

Available sizes: 97 liter / 107 liter / 117 liter

Original Price: 1 899 € - 2 199€     Price: 1 338 € - 1 550€

Tabou Manta 2018

Every Tabou professional racer rides the Manta, our hardcore race board.

Available sizes: 128 liter

Original Price: 2 299 €     Price: 1 658 €

Tabou Rocket + 2019 LTD

The all new Rocket + will make you go faster easier, because being the fastest one at the local spot doesn?t have to be complicated!

Available sizes: 103 liter / 113 liter / 123 liter / 133 liter

Original Price: 2 399 €     Price: 2 399 €

Tabou Manta 2016

100% slalom board from Tabou. Development of the Manta range never stops. The team is committed to year round development to ensure the best tools for the job. The Manta range has all the ingredients to put you on the podium; our goal is to go faster, turn better and constantly accelerate. The Manta range is a state of the art racing machine. There is no compromise here; when you step on the Manta, you will feel the power and grace these boards offer.

Available sizes: 106 liter

Original Price: 2 199 €     Price: 1 190 €

Tabou Rocket STD / LTD 2016 used

100% Freeride boards from the Tabou-range. How do we make better a board that is already a perfect balance of speed, acceleration, maneuverability, and control? After lots of testing and much discussion, we decided to bring in some features of the Rocket Wide to the Rocket 125 and 135.

Available sizes: 95 liter / 105 liter

Original Price: 1 790 € - 1 799€     Price: 699 €

Tabou 3s LTD / CED 2016 used

No matter what kind of conditions you find, with a 3S board you are always right. Jump on, sheet in, and the fun begins. These shapes make windsurfing more easy, whether small waves or flatwater, big jumps, tight turns, and all-around speed give this board the magic! Classic freestyle moves are fun to learn on the 3S shapes. A variety of strap positions allow you to adjust for speed or bump and jump turny fun!

Available sizes: 86 liter / 116 liter

Original Price: 1 799 €     Price: 650 €

Tabou Twister 2016

Freestyle windsurfing is all about creativity when reacting to the wind and water. The Twister boards give every rider the chance to stop thinking about the board to focus on landing new moves.

Available sizes: 100 liter

Original Price: 2 199 €     Price: 1 100 €

Tabou Coolrider 2018

Your easy start into the amazing sport of windsurfing.

Available sizes: 160 liter

Price: 1 200 €

Tabou Rocket 2014 - used

We invested 24 month to make the mission impossible possible. For 2014, the super popular Rocket range sees three new shapes in the 115, 125 and 135 with even better performance (faster, more early planning and better acceleration) without loosing any good points from the past!

Available sizes: 95 liter

Original Price: 1 800 €     Price: 590 €