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F2 Checker complete rig

Our F2 Checker is our ultimate Beginner, and kids sail, equipped with 3 Sailbattens, Dacron Sailcloth, durable monofilm and a cool design. It was important to us that beginners, and kids can handle the sail easily, already while rigging, so that the fun begins at the beach. It?s absolutely easy to pull it off the water and it expands an even - easy to control - force.

Available sizes: 3.5 m2 / 4.0 m2 / 4.5 m2

Price: 269 € - 279€

Ascan Pro rig

Light, and easy to use monofilm rig, with 2 or 3 pcs RDM mast. It comes with a compact package, it fits easily in your car. The boom is adjustable, the 4.0 and bigger sizes are equipped with 4 battens, which makes the sail more stable, and it works in stronger winds as well. The package contains the base adapter as well.. Perfect choise for beginner boards and windSUP boards.

Available sizes: 4.0 m2 / 4.5 m2 / 5.0 m2

Price: 273 € - 329€

Gaastra Hybrid 2018 complete rig

complete setup: rdm c40 mast, stx monocoque boom, rdm extension. The ultimate convertible sail range. A high-performance quiver designed to get you on the water having fun no matter what the conditions.

Available sizes: 6.0 m2 / 6.4 m2 / 6.7 m2

Original Price: 799 €     Price: 749 €

STX mini kid rig

2 pieces mast, 2 batten sail, soft grip boom, uphaul rope. The boom is adjustable. To use it with a windsurf board, you will need a simple mast adapter.

Available sizes: 1.5 m2 / 1.5 m2 / 2.0 m2 / 2.0 m2 / 2.5 m2 / 2.5 m2 / 3.0 m2 / 3.0 m2

Price: 189 € - 229€

STX W-Sails Power HD rig

Full Dacron rigs with an viny window, these rigs are made too last. Made out of Dacron sail cloth material which is long lasting and durable in combination with a two piece epoxy mast and a easymount boom.

Available sizes: 3.6 m2

Original Price: 399 €     Price: 270 €

Prolimit W-sails Power rig

Well designed performance rig for juniors to progress into planing conditions.

Available sizes: 2.5 m2 / 4.0 m2 / 4.4 m2

Price: 250 € - 330€

RRD SUP and beginner / kid sail

It’s a new way to start windsurfing. With a new inflatable AIRSUP in your car you have already adventured for the first time in the middle of the sea, on your own. You have discovered the sensation of freedom on the water and being able to move on its surface in total control. Then, one day you suddenly find some wind and your paddle is no longer able to push you well enough forward. You realize you could use a sail on your board. Isn’t that true? How simple is this? Let me try this sail, so light, so simple, I got it included in the package. In one afternoon, you are already hooked. Welcome to the world of wind driven watersports. The next step forward. Our SUP sails & rigs are designed to be the first buy to introduce your whole family to wind driven watersports.

Available sizes: 5.5 m2

Price: 499 €

RRD Kid Joy MK4 complete kid rig

Providing the lightest and easiest package possible for the future of the sport.?The Kid joy has had a complete makeover.

Available sizes: 2.0 m2 / 2.5 m2 / 3.0 m2 / 3.5 m2

Original Price: 358 € - 390€     Price: 299 € - 380€

RRD Easy Ride rig

The perfect sail to learn and progress.?Similar to the Kid Joy, the Easy Rider make life as easy as possible for those learning the sport. Lighter weight for easy uphauling and a complete package that means everything is as simple and easy as possible to get on the water and progress.?This sail is ideal for schools or those looking to learn and develop.

Available sizes: 4.5 m2 / 5.0 m2 / 5.5 m2

Price: 566 € - 640€

Unifiber Experience dacron rig

A must-have for any serious parent or windsurfing/SUP school! After several seasons of user feedback, Unifiber have developed their Dacron school rig programmes to deliver the best-possible learner experience.

Available sizes: 5.5 m2

Price: 579 €

Compact Freeride Rig MKI

A powerful and stable 5 batten freeride sail, that packs up small and neat. Whether its powering the Airwindsurf Freeride board or a more conventional Firemove or Fireride, this sail gives plenty of low end to get you up and moving, whilst at the top end stays controllable and manoeuvrable.

Available sizes: 6.0 m2 / 7.0 m2

Original Price: 1 548 € - 1 558€     Price: 1 490 € - 1 499€