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F2 Free I-Sup

The Free is an all-rounder in the SUP area. The new shape unites all of the all-round features, approves itself very well as a family board, with a volume of 350Liter and 330Liter it has plenty of working load.

Available sizes: 330 l / 330 l / 350 l / 350 l

Price: 449 € - 499 €

F2 Star Windsup

The F2 STAR windsurf SUP is an absolutly versatile inflatable board. The sailing performance in light to moderate winds is perfect. Due to the four fins, there is no problem at all for upwind performance regardless of wind force. For stand-up paddling, the F2 STAR is designed as a low rocker with additional thickness for directional stabilityand long glides.

Available sizes: 290 l / 290 l / 330 l / 330 l

Original Price: 669 € - 699 €     Price: 629 € - 649 €

F2 Peak inflatable SUP board

The new F2 PEAK is the perfect companion for touring easy cruising and smaller waves up to 2 meters. Due to its new shape, the board has excellent gliding properties and enormous manoeuvrability, making even manoeuvring in smaller waves child´s play. Absolutely stable and cool in design, our new F2 PEAK will bring you into the wave.

Available sizes: 320 l / 320 l

Original Price: 510 € - 550 €     Price: 479 € - 499 €