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F2 Free I-Sup

The Free is an all-rounder in the SUP area. The new shape unites all of the all-round features, approves itself very well as a family board, with a volume of 350Liter and 330Liter it has plenty of working load.

Available sizes: 330 l / 330 l / 350 l / 350 l

Price: 449 € - 499 €

Aqua Marina Echo

Designed like no others, play like no others! Our freshly developed new SUP Echo 10?6? doesn?t only light up the line-up with stunning design and thrilling conch graphics, it also shines with endless all-around abilities and performance. Smooth paddling and engaging rails, this signature design and most popular size is easy to use with effortless glide. This really is as good as it gets!

Available sizes: 206 l

Price: 420 €

RRD Evo Convertible tourer windsup

The new EVO CONVERTIBLE line of inflatable boards can become the perfect companion of your first windsurfing days. Available at a more affordable price, you?ll have new possibilities to enjoy the wind and waterworld.

Available sizes: 320 l

Original Price: 949 €     Price: 799 €

F2 Star Windsup

The F2 STAR windsurf SUP is an absolutly versatile inflatable board. The sailing performance in light to moderate winds is perfect. Due to the four fins, there is no problem at all for upwind performance regardless of wind force. For stand-up paddling, the F2 STAR is designed as a low rocker with additional thickness for directional stabilityand long glides.

Available sizes: 290 l / 290 l / 330 l / 330 l

Price: 669 € - 699 €

F2 Aloha SUP board

Balanced volume distribution, cool design, nice colors, lots of handles and D-rings, quick, yet maneuvrable shape.

Available sizes: 10.5 l / 11.5 l

Original Price: 799 €     Price: 599 €

STX 10.6 Freeride inflatable SUP board

The STX 10'6 Freeride is but one such paddleboard, with a classic allrounder shape, it can be paddled on a variety of water-types to a reasonable effect, from flat water to small surf. Its volume of 260 L and reasonable width of 32' make the STX 10'6 Freeride very stable.

Available sizes: 260 l / 260 l

Price: 620 € - 690 €

STX 11.6 freeride inflatable SUP board

STX 11´6 Tourer SUP board, also in WindSUP edition. An inflatable paddleboard that is both rigid and airtight, as well as easily stored and transported. A screw thread in the centre of the STX 11´6 Freeride WindSUP allows you to mount a windsurf rig, giving you two toys in one, extremely good value package.

Available sizes: 295 l / 295 l

Price: 700 € - 740 €

RRD Air Race V2 SUP - inflatable

Can you imagine being able to go as fast on an inflatable board as you can on a full carbon board? This is what the AIRACE shapes do. Stable, practical and furiously fast!

Available sizes: 240 l / 270 l

Original Price: 1 290 €     Price: 690 €

RRD Air Surf Rescue

A special inflatable board that can be be used by lifeguards and beach rescue teams as well. In fact this is a cruise style all-round SUP board, which can be used for recreational purposes as well, but perfect for life saving as well in beaches. The grab handles are useful for professional and recreational purposes (having fun..) as well.

Available sizes: 195 l

Original Price: 1 049 €     Price: 799 €

Aqua Marina Race SUP

New size and design after an extensive R&D process born our RACE iSUP. It features a sleek race outline, 28 inches of width and 6 inches of thickness for incredible rigidity, stability and speed. It also has an integrated number guide and deck pad for referencing proper stance position. This board can fly with you to any race around the globe with no additional cost.

Available sizes: 288 l

Price: 650 €

Aqua Marina Mega SUP for 6 pax

New for 2018 is the Aqua Marina MEGA SUP ? a giant, 18′ multi-person inflatable paddle board that packs enough fun for the entire family. Despite the fact that the MEGA is one seriously massive board, it doesn?t come with a massive price tag as it?s currently the most affordably priced big SUP on the market.

Available sizes: 1400 l

Price: 1 100 €

Moai 11 inflatable sup

This 11? inflatable paddle board is ideal for anyone who likes to spend time on the water. This allround board is shaped to be faster and more versatile than other boards on the market, but at the same time, it is still very rigid and sturdy. This makes it ideal for more experienced users as well as enthusiastic beginners.

Available sizes: 280 l / 280 l

Original Price: 640 € - 680 €     Price: 580 € - 599 €

Brunotti Big Bastard airSUP - convertible

The Big Bastard inflatable, and convertible sup-windsurf board comes with a complete package to get you SUPping. It includes apump with a pressure gauge to get the SUP in shape. A special bag so you can take your SUP everywhere. And an adjustable paddle that fits everybody. Apart from these key-items, we also include a repair kit. Just in case.

Available sizes: 265 l

Price: 990 €