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RRD Energy waist harness

Great low precurve in the lower back, EVA+Neoprene inside, Spreader protector, Spreader down haul.

Available sizes: L / XL

Original Price: 144 €     Price: 99 €

RRD EQ-2 waist harness

Follow up of our classic waist EQ harness. Pre shaped, Fiber glass battens inside, spreader protector, key pocket, quick release closure, spreader down haul, Neoprene edges.

Available sizes: L / L / M

Original Price: 200 €     Price: 120 €

RRD Perfo2 waist harness

Max flex and freedom A more flexible harness, soft and adaptable. Lots of neoprene, on edges buckle covers and full inside.Quick release closure, Inner moulded EVA. Spreader protector.

Available sizes: L / L

Original Price: 134 €     Price: 99 €

RRD Energy V3 waist harness

The Energy harness is the choice for user with a more curved lower back by nature or riders that prefer a more upright position.

Available sizes: L

Original Price: 185 €     Price: 110 €

RRD The stark v3 kite harness

The Stark is a more flexible harness, soft and adaptable with lots of comfortable neoprene

Available sizes: L / M / XL / XXL

Original Price: 140 € - 144 €     Price: 100 € - 110 €

RRD E-Qlzr waist harness

The E-QLZR has an internal moulde support and a reduced walling thickness that allows the harness to mould itself around the body of the surfer
Moulded exterior shell with Carbonized look fabric

Available sizes: S / XS

Original Price: 169 €     Price: 86 €

RRD Perfo harness

The Perfo harness is a pre-bent harness built with an internal elastic support band that works as spring. More load on the spreader bar corresponds to a more dispersed load onto the whole back of the harness, creating a long lasting effect of comfort. No more pain on your sides, and great sense of freedom and lightness

Available sizes: L

Original Price: 140 €     Price: 110 €

RRD Skin harness

The SKIN harness is the thinnest and softest harness of our collection. It has also the smallest outline, specifically made for maximum freedom of movement still keeping a great back support. It comes complete of a new flying lines cutter for safety.

Available sizes: XL

Original Price: 179 €     Price: 99 €