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Trickstrap set V3

No matter what level you are and what ambitions you have, you will love the comfort and stability these footstraps will provide! Trickstraps are ALL PURPOSE, therefore can be used for everything, freeride, freestyle, wave!

Available sizes: 3pcs

Price: 69 €
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Tekknosport vario footstrap

Footstrap with vario velcro on the outside for easy adjustment

Available sizes: 1 db

Price: 16 €

RRD footstrap

RRD Footstrap, designed and produced by Dakine. Stitch-free bottom to maximum comfort, soft edges.

Available sizes: 1-rrd-footstrap / 1-rrd-footstrap-screws

Original Price: 25 € - 29 €     Price: 19 € - 29 €

Dakine Slim footstraps

Lightweight construction, minimal water absorption, Molded dual density foam prevents collapsing. 10mm or 15mm size increment adjustment hole options.

Available sizes: white-blue

Price: 20 €

Mojo Boards footstraps

Standard footstraps, weight is 120g, soft neoprene cover.

Available sizes: black

Price: 15 €

Footstrap screws and anti-twist washers

Almost impossible to get, but we have it :) Screws for fixing the footstraps, and anti-twist washers to avoid the footstrap moving..

Available sizes: anti twist washers / screws

Price: 2 €

Dakine Contour footstraps

Contoured for an unsurpassed fit and feel, DAKINE's revolutionary footstrap system is designed for quick and smooth, unrestricted entry and exit, while also providing the most positive foot-to-board connection available.

Available sizes: 3 pcs

Original Price: 85 €     Price: 79 €