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windsurfing - Trimm line

Strong polyester trimm rope 4mm

Available sizes: 10m / 1m / 2m / 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m / 7m / 8m / 9m

Price: 2 € - 12 €

Race Adjustable Outhaul Set System

An adjustable outhaul system that allows you to fine tune your sail on-the-fly. Ideal for windsurfers who take part in competition, or for those who want increased range from their sails. By adding or decreasing the draft, you can depower or power up your sail as the conditions demand

Available sizes: set

Price: 79 €

Tekknosport downhaul tool

With the help of this downhaul tool, you can rig precisely even the biggest, cambered race sails with ease. Even a child can rig a formula sail with this magic tool :)

Available sizes: downhaul tool

Price: 40 €

Tekknosport Roofrack strap

Strong roofrack straps, length: 4m, width: 25 or 35 mm, with stainless steel metal buckle, and EVA protection. Made in germany. Tensible force: 250kg (25mm), 350kg (35mm)

Available sizes: 25mm / 35mm

Price: 9 € - 13 €

Insert for fins

Threaded anodised brass for windsurf fins. 12mm outside diameter, 6mm thread (M6)

Available sizes: m6

Price: 4 €

Screw for power box

Screw for power box fins

Available sizes: M6

Price: 2 €

Mast top for variotop sails

Masttop cap for sails which vario top. Innter diameter about 32 mm, height is about 50mm. Good for rdm and sdm masts

Available sizes: variotop

Price: 8 €

US Push-pin / U-pin converter

When you have a US-Push Pin Extension and U-Pin Baseplate this converter will save you money not having to buy a new US-Pin compatible.

Available sizes: us/u-pin

Price: 19 €

Eckla surfrolly

ECKLA-SURFROLLY with pneumatic tyres, reliable, of outstanding design, to transport board and accessories. Silver anodized strong aluminum tube, very solid inspite of light weight, rustproof. Large pneumatic wheels, easy going. Measurement when folded 600 x 600 mm, weight 3,7 kg.

Available sizes: surfrolly

Price: 90 €

Camaro neoprene glue

Camaro Neoprene Glue Black Contact Cement is a great glue that's not to be beaten on strength by any of its competitors.

Available sizes: 30 gramm

Price: 10 €

Unifiber roofrack pads

Weatherproof pads for firm protection and safe transportation of your gear to the beach. Tough 600D polyester prevents slippage and tears to inner foam. Available in pairs, each pad's 52 cm wide for a broad range of board styles.

Available sizes: 2 pcs

Price: 25 €

boom trimming set

With this kit you can set your sail's profile while planning. You don't have to stop, everyting can be controlled from the boom.

Available sizes: trimset

Price: 69 €

US BOX fin screw

The K4 US Nut and Bolt is a great example of ingenuity. Super light but just as strong the K4 nut and bolt offers the best performance possible. You wouldn't want anything else!

Available sizes: Standard

Price: 2 €

Sail batten

Broken batten in your sail? We have a solution:) Used battens, in perfect condition

Available sizes: 0-1,5m / 1,5-2,0m / 2,0m<

Price: 7 € - 18 €

Frostfire Keylock

ECURE KEYS, CARDS, CASH AND OTHER VALUABLES. The KEY LOCK is a safer more secure alternative to leaving your keys hidden under a rock or on your car tyre.

Available sizes: 14*8*3 cm

Price: 59 €

Downhaul Pulley Hook

3 or 4 lines metal downhaul pulley

Available sizes: 3 lines / 4 lines

Price: 13 € - 14 €

Mast RDM to SDM adaptor

Make your boom work for you with a solid collar to ensure the stiffest connection possible.

Available sizes: standard

Price: 10 €

SDM mast protector

Mastprotector for the boom area for 48mm diameter standard masts. NOT suitable for skinny RDM masts

Available sizes: SDM

Price: 7 €

Downhaul device

Easy rigging, easy downhaul. Metal

Available sizes: onesize

Price: 15 €

RRD Harness line

Fixed harness lines

Available sizes: 22cm / 24cm / 26cm / 28cm / 30cm

Price: 17 €