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Prolimit windsurf session bag

Our Session bag is a unique windsurfing quiver boardbag with two separate zippered compartments. Store your board and your masts, sails in one bag!

Available sizes: 238/60 cm / 255/70 cm / 260/80 cm

Price: 149 € - 179 €

Tekknosport vario sail - rig bag ultra light

Strong, and light bag for your sails and masts, even the booms fit in. With zip adjustment-possibility on both ends, you can change the bag's length from 180 cms to 180 +35 or, 180 + 35 + 35 cms (250 cm). Heavy Duty zipper, no individual compartments, carry straps, light weight.

Available sizes: 250

Price: 59 €

Prolimit Aero Session bag

Our Aero Session bag is our compact quiver bag. More aero-dynamic shape as our session bag. Fit your complete sail quiver.

Available sizes: freeride / wave

Price: 145 € - 155 €

Naish Quiver bag 300

300cm long sail quiver bag, for 4-6 sails. You can put in even your biggest sails, longest masts!

Available sizes: 300

Original Price: 76 €     Price: 55 €

Tekknosport rig bag

A rig / sail bag in which you can store your sail rigged up at the beach, near your car. It protects the whole equipment from sun, sand, etc.. 14 m2, 8,5 kg.

Available sizes: 14m2

Price: 299 €

Tekknosport Jetbag with wheels

Quiver bag for 4-5 sails, 3-6 masts (until 460 cm), and boom. The wheels can be removed. (the wheels are included)

Available sizes: blue / orange

Price: 119 €