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    Tekknosport triple boardbag

    Tekknosport triple boardbag

    A practical triple boardbag construction, with which you can transport up to 4 boards, or 2 boards and the rest of your windsurfing equipment. This equipment can be stored in internal bags and by using the straps, be fixed to the inside of the bag: you will have a perfectly organised bag unit, where you can stash all of your gear when travelling.

    Available sizes: 280x80

    Price: 359.00 €

    Tekknosport boardbag

    Tekknosport boardbag

    Transport bag for a windsurf board. With suitable robust, 8mm padding and extra padding under the zipper, perfect choice for travel by air as well.. One side reflective, fin slot with Velcro closable, address pocket, HD zipper.

    Available sizes: 235*65 / 235x85 / 245x65 / 245x70 / 250x70 / 250x75 / 260x75 / 260x85 / 270x106 / 270x90 / 280x116 / 280x80 / 285x106 / 285x90

    Original Price: 99.00 € - 159.00 €

    Price: 99.00 € - 159.00 €

    Tekknosport Travel double Boardbag 260

    Tekknosport Travel double Boardbag 260

    Travel bag for one or two boards, or / and your rigs, booms, masts. Thin padding (10mm), extra reinforcments on the tail and nose of the board. Carry handles on both ends, and shoulder-side strap in the middle. The smooth-running wheels are detachables - when you don't need them - if you travel by car.

    Available sizes: 260x70x25cm

    Price: 199.00 €