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          JP Freestyle Wave 2018 used

          JP Freestyle Wave 2018 used

          The all new versions of these best sellers are a must have for anybody who is looking for a medium to highwind all-round board. Werner Gnigler merged the advantages of the new Wave Slate with all the great abilities of the former Freestyle Wave generations. This makes them our fastest, liveliest and most maneuverable all-water toys ever. They accelerate in the flats, fly over chop, carve in waves and are a thrill to ride. You?ll just simply have your best time on the water ? easy!

          Available sizes: 94 liter

          Original Price: 2 499 €

          Price: 1 500 €

          JP X-Cite ride 2018

          JP X-Cite ride 2018

          Since 2004 the name X-Cite Ride is the trademark for comfortable and sporty free riding and the current version with the ?Plus? is no exception. Outstanding test reports have confirmed this. The French WIND magazine stated about the 145 that planing in passive mode is efficient and better than average? and your success rate in jibes will go up like a rocket.

          Available sizes: 125 liter / 125 liter / 135 liter / 135 liter / 145 liter / 145 liter

          Price: 1 499 € - 1 949 €

          JP Explorer ASA 2018

          JP Explorer ASA 2018

          SA SANDWICH Technology with full EVA deck and integrated carrying handle

          Available sizes: 165 liter

          Original Price: 1 600 €

          Price: 1 100 €

          JP Freestyle Pro 2017

          JP Freestyle Pro 2017

          Our riders were super happy with the boards and their success proves them right. On the PWA tour Amado Vrieswijk, in his first JP season, achieved his maiden podium to finish 3rd on the tour. Steven van Broeckhoven won the first event of the year but missed the rest of the PWA season due to an injury.

          Available sizes: 101 liter

          Original Price: 2 200 €

          Price: 1 590 €

          JP SuperRide 2019

          JP SuperRide 2019

          This new generation of freeride boards sits right between the Magic Ride and Super Sport. They provide a totally new windsurfing experience as they jump on the plane early, get seriously fast and at the same time are super comfortable and easy to ride.

          Available sizes: 116 liter / 116 liter / 124 liter / 124 liter / 132 liter / 132 liter / 146 liter

          Price: 1 490 € - 1 949 €

          JP Magic Ride 2018

          JP Magic Ride 2018

          They do everything exceptionally well while everything is exceptionally easy! These wide, short and thin boards provide the best early planing, an exciting ride and unbelievable jibing abilities for all rider levels. Playful and small, they sit high in the water, delivering the lively and sporty feel which makes windsurfing so exciting.

          Available sizes: 119 liter / 119 liter / 130 liter

          Original Price: 1 499 € - 1 949 €

          Price: 1 399 € - 1 790 €