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          Tabou Bullit 2017

          Tabou Bullit 2017

          We want to give more people access to the best sport in the world?windsurfing?so we built the Bullitt, a fun freerider with an accessible price.

          Available sizes: 145 liter

          Original Price: 1 499.00 €

          Price: 699.00 €

          Tabou 3S Classic LTD 2021

          Tabou 3S Classic LTD 2021

          Every windsurfer, who enjoys riding a lively but still easy to use board, will love the 3S Classic. A traditional, longer outline is combined with a very forgiving rocker line, which gets you planing early and with less power in the sail than expected.

          Available sizes: 97 liter / 117 liter

          Original Price: 2 099.00 €

          Price: 1 549.00 €