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          Severne Dyno 3 - 2021

          Severne Dyno 3 - 2021

          The Dyno is the go-to board for all-round windsurfing conditions. Multiple tuning options and innovative design solutions transform any day on the water into one to remember.

          Available sizes: 115 liter / 125 liter

          Original Price: 2 399.00 € - 2 450.00 €

          Price: 1 990.00 €

          Severne Fox 2022

          Severne Fox 2022

          Designed to take freeride to the next level, the Fox allows you to blast full speed through the choppiest water you can find.  Continuous rocker, reduced tail width and extreme Vee provide unique levels of control. Bonus is the best gybe in the business. Don?t let the comfort deceive you ? in real world conditions the Fox delivers unmatched high performance fun.

          Available sizes: 140 liter

          Original Price: 2 349.00 €

          Price: 2 099.00 €