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          RRD Fire Storm V2  wood

          RRD Fire Storm V2 wood

          The Fire Storm program is been redefined in technology and expanded with two new shapes. Based on the scooprocker of the X-fire boards, the thinner volume configuration and the narrower tail allow these designs to be competitive boards with burning accelerations after jibes, but also great pleasant comfortable freeriding machines!

          Available sizes: 101 liter

          Original Price: 1 700.00 €

          Price: 850.00 €

          RRD Firemove Y25

          RRD Firemove Y25

          The Firemove is known for its plug and play and superior feel from the first time you try it; early planing, acceleration, maneuverability and a lightweight feel over the water. Once you step on it you?ll instantly feel confident and will never get tired of this magic board.

          Available sizes: 100 liter / 110 liter / 120 liter / 135 liter / 155 liter

          Price: 1 749.00 € - 2 699.00 €

          RRD X-Fire Y25

          RRD X-Fire Y25

          Many years of experience in shaping, tuning, testing and multiple World Titles have brought us to this point. The X-FIRE is without a doubt a solid winner but above all an incredibly fast race board. Each size is studied individually and in detail to achieve top notch performance. The new 129 ltd and 122 lts have been re-designed to really get the most out of lightwind days. Choose your size and set yourself up on race mode!<

          Available sizes: 80 liter / 90 liter / 98 liter / 108 liter / 114 liter / 118 liter / 122 liter / 129 liter

          Price: 2 699.00 €