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          Mojo Custom Boards Tidal

          Mojo Custom Boards Tidal

          The Tidal Pro is our dedicated wave-riding board that will handle the heavy surf in windy on-shore or clean down-the-line conditions alike.

          Available sizes: 81 liter / 85 liter / 90 liter

          Price: 1 370.00 € - 1 770.00 €

          Mojo Custom Boards Trigger Slalom

          Mojo Custom Boards Trigger Slalom

          The Trigger is our dedicated slalom machine. Designed with straight rocker, hard rails and low apex for the ultimate speed. Its parallel outline, V double concave to flat V hull and hollow deck enables you to maintain control sailing full throttle and jibing around the mark or to keep the pace at rough Seas. You can order it with a reinforced foil box to enjoy full potential of this stick.

          Available sizes: 99 liter / 103 liter / 120 liter

          Price: 1 370.00 € - 1 770.00 €