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          JP Freestyle Wave 2021

          JP Freestyle Wave 2021

          It has been said before and has to be pointed out again: The Freestyle Wave concept is the ideal option for 99% of coastal-sailing recreational windsurfers. If you are not sure which board line would suit you best, then you don?t need to look any further. The Freestyle wave offers so many tuning options that it can be set up perfectly for any given day, no matter what the conditions.

          Available sizes: 94 liter / 113 liter

          Price: 2 299.00 €

          JP Magic Ride 2020

          JP Magic Ride 2020

          Since its dawn this line featured a magic combination of ease, stability and good performance. The second generation featured more life and agility. Now, the all-new 3rd generation is here! The shape adjustments make it significantly easier to control at speed and through the chop.
          Consequently, these boards ride smoother and gyb

          Available sizes: 129 liter

          Price: 1 449.00 €

          JP Freestyle 2021

          JP Freestyle 2021

          For several years the four JP Freestyle boards were state of the art. Shaper Werner Gnigler tried to further develop the line several times and he managed to improve certain characteristics. But when improving one side, too much was lost on another. And in the end, the production boards were more ?complete? and remained the better package, overall. But not this year..

          Available sizes: 85 liter / 93 liter / 100 liter / 105 liter

          Price: 2 499.00 €