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    Bic windfoil - full carbon

    Bic windfoil - full carbon

    The BIC Windsurf Foil has been custom-designed for the Techno 130 Foil board, with various objectives in mind : easy accessibility, early take-off, high performance and easy control ?in flight?.

    Available sizes: carbon

    Original Price: 1 749 €

    Price: 1 440 €

    F-One Hybrid windfoil

    F-One Hybrid windfoil

    This windfoil hybrid (aluminium-carbon) foil lifts off very early and easily carries the weight of the board and rig. Ideal to Windfoil in all sorts of conditions, the wide span brings high performances and maximum stability.

    Available sizes: 75/900 / 90/900

    Original Price: 1 399 €

    Price: 1 299 €