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Clip harness line

Clip harness line
Clip harness line
Clip harness line
Clip harness line

Clip harness line

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Variable windsurfing harness lines, with the "clip" system. Never uninstall your boom again to put the lines! Available in 6 cool color choices.

Made with resilient and UV-resistant materials, these line are elastic and will be smooth for your back. Comes with a complete 1 year warranty. One spare extra clip included.

CLIP HARNESS LINE promotion-video from Pablo Ramírez Bolaños on Vimeo.

the price is for one pair of harness lines.

Available sizes:
Size Price Sales Price In Stock Info  
20-28   29 €     In Stock purple
26-34   29 €     In Stock purple
20-28   29 €     In Stock blue
26-34   29 €     In Stock blue
20-28   29 €     In Stock orange
26-34   29 €     In Stock orange
20-28   29 €     In Stock green
26-34   29 €     In Stock green
20-28   29 €     In Stock red
26-34   29 €     In Stock red
20-28   29 €     In Stock yellow
26-34   29 €     In Stock yellow
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