Mystic Star 5/3 backzip

What about it

We are starstruck by the new designs of the Star series. Like last year, this wetsuit is engineered with Glued Blind Stitched seams. Of course, the seams have also been enforced with junction tape on the critical points. So, no water will seep in, that?s for sure. This fullsuit with back-zip is equipped with Fox Fleece lining on the torso for a warmer core. It also comes with our durable 4-way stretch Hex-tech pads to keep your knees safe. 
Outer Lining
Wind mesh
Closed cell neoprene with one side of fabric lamination. The outside of the mesh neoprene offers a better protection against wind chill.


M-Flex - 100%
M-Flex is a very good flexible neoprene. M-Flex stands for high quality neoprene with an awesome stretch ratio.


Inner Lining
Fox Fleece
Big loops in the fabric create a high pile lining that holds air for extra insulation. It holds less water enhancing the fast-drying abilities of the fabric. With its superior stretch performance in all directions it?s super suitable for every panel in all of our suit.


Xtr lining
This thermal lining on the High End wetsuits is added to help retain heat and comfort next to the skin.

Junction taping inside
Extra taping on seam junctions to prolong the durability of your product.


Glued blind stitched
Stitching method whereby the panels are first glued together and then only stitched halfway through the fabric instead of fully perforating it, which makes the seams waterproof.

Overhead backup shield
You can find the Overhead Backup Shield in all of our Back-zip wetsuits. The neoprene back panel prevents water from entering through the zipper and neck by pulling the collar over your head.


The back-zip is the classic wetsuit closure, due to the wide zipper opening on the back the entry is very easy. Depending on the model the zipper is often double lined to prevent water entry through the zipper.

Sizes / Types

Sizes Price Sales Price In Stock Info  
L 209.00 € In stock black-blue
XL 209.00 € In stock black-blue
XXL 209.00 € In stock black-blue
L 209.00 € In stock night blue
XL 209.00 € In stock night blue
XXL 209.00 € In stock night blue
L 209.00 € In stock black
M 209.00 € In stock black
XL 209.00 € In stock black
XXL 209.00 € In stock black


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