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Point-7 AC-1 2017

Given to be the fastest sail for 2016 by windsurfing magazines, with no negative comments, from there we developed even further this 2017 AC-One racing monster! The name AC-One derives simply from the initials and sail number of Andrea Cucchi put together. Point-7 founder, head of development, team manager and the man who last year decided to create a group of young professionals and have them to train together under the name BLACK TEAM.

Available sizes: 7.8 m²

Price: 835 €

Point-7 AC-K 2017

Another test winner in 2015 and 2016, which goes totally into the racing direction. Take all the goodies from a full on competition slalom sail, put them into a manageable package and you?ve got the AC-K.

Available sizes: 7.2 m² / 7.8 m²

Original Price: 799 € - 835€     Price: 650 € - 750€

Point-7 AC-X 2017

Race performance without cams. The AC-X is developed to be the fastest sail on the water and proved itself on many magazine tests, without having a wide mast sleeve and cambers. The high-end performance will give you the high speed that you have always dreamed about with minimal effort and easy handling characteristics.

Available sizes: 7.0 m² / 7.5 m²

Original Price: 645 € - 675€     Price: 570 € - 580€

Point-7 Salt Campello LTD

Introducing a completely new limited edition of the SALT 5g called the CampelloLTD. A special version of the SALT 5G based on the special demand and wishes of the champ.

Available sizes: 4.5 m²

Original Price: 580 €     Price: 359 €

Point-7 AC-F 2016

Keep it simple and make it good. The AC-F features a super light construction, early planning, easy handling and demands very little of its user to work optimal. The AC-F is the ideal choice for the windsurfers who are looking more towards easy handling and light wind qualities over high wind performance. Speed, manoeuvrable, power, easy.

Available sizes: 6.9 m²

Original Price: 689 €     Price: 470 €