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North Sails E-Type 2017

E is for exciting! The E_TYPE is exactly the type of sail to help windsurfing regain its real fascination. Rigs without a sweat, takes off and gets going without pumping. This sail boasts the perfect power and acceleration capabilities of our WARP combined with the handling of a NoCam sail. Windsurfing has never been so relaxed and exciting at the same time!

Available sizes: 6.2 m² / 6.6 m² / 7.3 m² / 7.8 m²

Original Price: 592 € - 639€     Price: 520 € - 585€

North Sails Volt 2016

Since its introduction the VOLT has established itself as THE Freestyle Wave sail and the ideal partner for classic single fin boards!. The fourth generation of the 5 battens bestseller convinces with extremely high draft stability and a very wide wind range, especially in overpowered conditions.

Available sizes: 6.9 m² / 6.9 m²

Original Price: 795 € - 815€     Price: 320 € - 420€

North Sails Hero Hybrid - Hybrid ME 2016

With the HERO designer Kai Hopf achieved a big bang; all international tests continue to praise the World Cup 4-batten wave sail into the sky. The all-new HYBRID edition with SWITCH.BATTEN now is even more versatile as it?s individually tuneable: 5.0 and smaller with 4 or 3 battens, 5.3 and greater with 4 or even 5 battens.

Available sizes: 5.0 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.8 m²

Original Price: 660 € - 810€     Price: 450 € - 550€

North Sails Hero 2015

With the first HERO designer Kai Hopf immediately achieved a big bang and all international tests praised the World Cup 4-batten wave sail into the sky. No matter who got their hands on the HERO no one wanted to give it back.

Available sizes: 4.0 m²

Original Price: 623 €     Price: 379 €