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Gaastra Poison 2016

The 2016 Poison is the traditional 5 batten power wave sail from our range and is the highest aspect of the 3 wave sail ranges. The Poison has a super efficient low-end performance while keeping tonnes of high-end control and amazing top speed.

Available sizes: 5.8 m²

Original Price: 829 €     Price: 399 €

Gaastra Cross 2017

Free riders and bump and jumpers, meet the ultimate crossover sail that does it all! The 2017 CROSS is designed to offer up the ultimate balance between both flat water performance and wave riding agility.

Available sizes: 6.0 m² / 6.4 m² / 6.9 m²

Original Price: 779 € - 815€     Price: 459 € - 499€

Gaastra Poison 2017

The 2017 POISON is our powerhouse to get you planing sooner than ever before. It keeps you planing through the lulls. If you?re just starting out in waves and looking for a little more power to keep you out of trouble, this is the range for you. Our heavier team riders choose this sail for more locked in speed and power, the POISON will get up and go when you want it to!

Available sizes: 5.0 m² / 5.4 m² / 5.8 m²

Original Price: 759 € - 819€     Price: 440 € - 480€

Gaastra Hybrid (HD) 2017

Designed to guide you smoothly through your first windsurfing experiences the 2017 GA Hybrid is the perfect choice for newcomers and recreational cruisers.

Available sizes: 4.5 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.6 m² / 6.8 m² / 7.4 m²

Original Price: 549 € - 649€     Price: 470 € - 575€

Gaastra Matrix 2017

Whether you are cruising across your local lake or chasing down a friend on the open ocean, the versatility of the all new Matrix will make every session easier, faster and more fun. The MATRIX is the ultimate all terrain freeride sail. With endless speed, incredible versatility and the lightest handling of any freeride sail in the magazine tests, it was no easy task to improve this multi-test winning sail for the 2017 season!

Available sizes: 6.2 m² / 6.7 m²

Original Price: 709 € - 729€     Price: 515 € - 520€

Gaastra Cosmic 2017

If you want that little bit extra power and locked in stability without the hassle of traditional cambered sails, the COSMIC delivers greatness that you won?t believe till you sail it!

Available sizes: 8.3 m²

Original Price: 839 €     Price: 559 €

Gaastra Phantom 2017

The PHANTOM is THE performance freerace sail. It combines the reduced weight and technical ease of a 2+1 batten cam sail with the performance of a full blown race sail.

Available sizes: 7.1 m² / 7.8 m² / 8.5 m²

Original Price: 999 € - 1 030€     Price: 573 € - 610€