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6 battens in the large sizes, 5 battens in the smaller sizes, the Move offers plenty of power and huge amounts of stability. Whether its flat water blasting, bump and jump or waves, the Move does it all.

Available sizes: 5.7 m² / 6.2 m² / 6.7 m² / 7.2 m²

Original Price: 802 € - 835€     Price: 417 € - 455€


No cam, freerace blaster, offering maximum speed with minimum effort. Plug and play performance to push your limits. Learning from our Firewing development program our goal was to further increase the already wide range of the Fire.

Available sizes: 7.6 m² / 7.6 m²

Original Price: 836 €     Price: 499 €

RRD Firewing MKIII

3 cam freerace sail, mixing all the performance of thorough bred race sail into an easy to use and forgiving package. Whether its around a slalom course, a GPS speed run, or just trying to get past your mates, this sail makes it as easy as possible to get the advantage.

Available sizes: 8.6 m² / 9.4 m²

Original Price: 839 € - 869€     Price: 449 € - 469€

RRD Breeze MKI

The magic mix of lightweight construction, easy rigging, trimming, and handling characteristic. The breeze is here for all those newcomers that want to get out there plane and learn how to jibe. The perfect tool to enjoy windsurfing with simplicity!

Available sizes: 5.0 m² / 7.5 m² / 8.0 m²

Original Price: 338 € - 389€     Price: 299 € - 389€

RRD Evolution MKVI

The first approach has been the one to re-design the sail from a scratch, to make it more modern, with lots of new features depending on each size and type of use, yet true to its core: EASY, POWERFUL, FUN. The new Evolution MKIV comes in 5 different sizes to cover all aspects of freeriding: 8.0/7.2/6.4/5.7/5.0

Available sizes: 5.0 m² / 7.2 m²

Original Price: 349 € - 378€     Price: 289 € - 356€

RRD Wave Vogue MKIII

Re-designed with the help of wave specialist John Skye, the new wave vogue has been refined in both outline, window designs and overall shape. The bullet proof construction of this heavy-duty surf sail is achieved through the use of 3 different type of top quality x-ply materials in different weights/strengts for different areas of the sail. No compromise with cost effective panel layouts, only pure performance and top notch design oriented choices.

Available sizes: 4.5 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.3 m²

Original Price: 436 € - 472€     Price: 299 € - 350€

RRD The Four MKV

The Four is our powerful new school 4 batten ripper. Plenty of drive and plenty of power to keep you going through everything. Whether it?s on the wave or in the air, the powerful compact foil of the Four gives you huge amounts of drive and response.

Available sizes: 4.0 m² / 4.2 m² / 4.5 m² / 4.7 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.3 m²

Original Price: 732 € - 780€     Price: 500 €