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Gaastra Poison 2016

The 2016 Poison is the traditional 5 batten power wave sail from our range and is the highest aspect of the 3 wave sail ranges. The Poison has a super efficient low-end performance while keeping tonnes of high-end control and amazing top speed.

Available sizes: 5.8 m²

Original Price: 829 €     Price: 499 €

Gaastra Cross 2017

Free riders and bump and jumpers, meet the ultimate crossover sail that does it all! The 2017 CROSS is designed to offer up the ultimate balance between both flat water performance and wave riding agility.

Available sizes: 6.0 m² / 6.4 m² / 6.9 m²

Original Price: 779 € - 815€     Price: 459 € - 499€

Gaastra Poison 2017

The 2017 POISON is our powerhouse to get you planing sooner than ever before. It keeps you planing through the lulls. If you?re just starting out in waves and looking for a little more power to keep you out of trouble, this is the range for you. Our heavier team riders choose this sail for more locked in speed and power, the POISON will get up and go when you want it to!

Available sizes: 4.0 m² / 4.2 m² / 4.5 m² / 4.7 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.4 m² / 5.8 m² / 6.2 m²

Original Price: 719 € - 829€     Price: 719 € - 829€

NeilPryde Ryde 2017

The Ryde has been designed for classic flat-water freeriding. It offers great low-end power and stability for early planing and controlled maneuvers. The Ryde is an ideal choice for new generation wide and thin Freemove boards as well as more conventional Freeride boards. Planing and gybing made easy?windsurfing pure and smooth.

Available sizes: 5.5 m² / 5.5 m² / 6.0 m² / 6.0 m² / 6.5 m² / 6.5 m² / 7.0 m² / 7.0 m² / 7.5 m² / 7.5 m²

Price: 769 € - 849€

NeilPryde Fusion 2017

The 2017 Fusion is maneuvre oriented. You can use it anywhere, in any wind strength, on any water condition. Learn the basics, jump, catch a wave, try a freestyle trick or get into freeride mode and leave your friends behind for speed. With forgiving handling and optional full HD construction, the Fusion is perfectly fitting freestyle wave or small freeride boards.

Available sizes: 4.5 m² / 4.5 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.5 m² / 5.5 m² / 6.0 m² / 6.0 m² / 6.5 m² / 6.5 m²

Price: 729 € - 819€

NeilPryde Combat 2017

The legendary Combat stands out as the go-to choice in the collection for wave performance and all-around versatility. The 2017 Combat has a compact outline and combines high-end construction with uncompromised performance in any wave sailing conditions. The Combat is the sail of choice of the best wave sailors on the planet.

Available sizes: 3.7 m² / 4.0 m² / 4.2 m² / 4.5 m² / 4.7 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.3 m² / 5.6 m²

Original Price: 789 € - 899€     Price: 700 € - 780€

Gaastra Hybrid (HD) 2017

Designed to guide you smoothly through your first windsurfing experiences the 2017 GA Hybrid is the perfect choice for newcomers and recreational cruisers.

Available sizes: 4.5 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.6 m² / 6.8 m² / 7.4 m²

Original Price: 549 € - 649€     Price: 470 € - 575€

Point-7 AC-1 2017

Given to be the fastest sail for 2016 by windsurfing magazines, with no negative comments, from there we developed even further this 2017 AC-One racing monster! The name AC-One derives simply from the initials and sail number of Andrea Cucchi put together. Point-7 founder, head of development, team manager and the man who last year decided to create a group of young professionals and have them to train together under the name BLACK TEAM.

Available sizes: 7.8 m²

Price: 835 €

Gaastra Matrix 2017

Whether you are cruising across your local lake or chasing down a friend on the open ocean, the versatility of the all new Matrix will make every session easier, faster and more fun. The MATRIX is the ultimate all terrain freeride sail. With endless speed, incredible versatility and the lightest handling of any freeride sail in the magazine tests, it was no easy task to improve this multi-test winning sail for the 2017 season!

Available sizes: 6.2 m² / 6.7 m²

Original Price: 709 € - 729€     Price: 515 € - 520€

North Sails E-Type 2017

E is for exciting! The E_TYPE is exactly the type of sail to help windsurfing regain its real fascination. Rigs without a sweat, takes off and gets going without pumping. This sail boasts the perfect power and acceleration capabilities of our WARP combined with the handling of a NoCam sail. Windsurfing has never been so relaxed and exciting at the same time!

Available sizes: 6.2 m² / 6.6 m² / 7.3 m² / 7.8 m²

Original Price: 592 € - 639€     Price: 520 € - 585€

Point-7 AC-K 2017

Another test winner in 2015 and 2016, which goes totally into the racing direction. Take all the goodies from a full on competition slalom sail, put them into a manageable package and you?ve got the AC-K.

Available sizes: 7.2 m² / 7.8 m²

Original Price: 799 € - 835€     Price: 650 € - 750€

Point-7 AC-X 2017

Race performance without cams. The AC-X is developed to be the fastest sail on the water and proved itself on many magazine tests, without having a wide mast sleeve and cambers. The high-end performance will give you the high speed that you have always dreamed about with minimal effort and easy handling characteristics.

Available sizes: 7.0 m² / 7.5 m²

Original Price: 645 € - 675€     Price: 570 € - 580€

NeilPryde wizard 2017

The Wizard is the most accomplished freestyle sail there is, delivering explosive acceleration, direct drive and insane lift. This sail planes instantly and depowers on-demand providing silky smooth handling. Early planing, stability and a balanced feel during tricks are the key requirements for a freestyle sail and the Wizard has it all. Plenty of air and more pop than ever.

Available sizes: 3.8 m² / 4.5 m² / 5.1 m² / 5.4 m²

Original Price: 799 € - 889€     Price: 599 € - 637€

NeilPryde atlas 2017

Atlas offers predictable, steady and user-friendly drive, ideal for use in on-shore wave conditions. Early to plane, Atlas is up and ready for action with efficient, usable power at all times. Featuring great upwind ability and acceleration, it pushes hard when conditions are less than ideal and its high lift characteristics ensure massive jumping performance. Atlas features the revolutionary Forceline construction for dynamic load control and even more durability.

Available sizes: 4.4 m² / 4.4 m² / 4.7 m² / 4.7 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.4 m² / 5.8 m² / 6.2 m² / 6.2 m²

Original Price: 779 € - 899€     Price: 539 € - 629€

North Sails Volt 2016

Since its introduction the VOLT has established itself as THE Freestyle Wave sail and the ideal partner for classic single fin boards!. The fourth generation of the 5 battens bestseller convinces with extremely high draft stability and a very wide wind range, especially in overpowered conditions.

Available sizes: 6.9 m² / 6.9 m²

Original Price: 795 € - 815€     Price: 320 € - 420€

Naish Sails ripper

The Naish Ripper puts pro level performance and durability into a light- weight, easy handling package optimized for kids.

Available sizes: 2.7 m²

Price: 150 €

Gaastra Cosmic 2017

If you want that little bit extra power and locked in stability without the hassle of traditional cambered sails, the COSMIC delivers greatness that you won?t believe till you sail it!

Available sizes: 8.3 m²

Original Price: 839 €     Price: 559 €

Gaastra Phantom 2017

The PHANTOM is THE performance freerace sail. It combines the reduced weight and technical ease of a 2+1 batten cam sail with the performance of a full blown race sail.

Available sizes: 7.1 m² / 7.8 m² / 8.5 m²

Original Price: 999 € - 1 030€     Price: 573 € - 610€


6 battens in the large sizes, 5 battens in the smaller sizes, the Move offers plenty of power and huge amounts of stability. Whether its flat water blasting, bump and jump or waves, the Move does it all.

Available sizes: 5.7 m² / 6.2 m² / 6.7 m² / 7.2 m²

Original Price: 802 € - 835€     Price: 417 € - 455€


No cam, freerace blaster, offering maximum speed with minimum effort. Plug and play performance to push your limits. Learning from our Firewing development program our goal was to further increase the already wide range of the Fire.

Available sizes: 7.6 m² / 7.6 m²

Original Price: 836 €     Price: 499 €

RRD Firewing MKIII

3 cam freerace sail, mixing all the performance of thorough bred race sail into an easy to use and forgiving package. Whether its around a slalom course, a GPS speed run, or just trying to get past your mates, this sail makes it as easy as possible to get the advantage.

Available sizes: 8.6 m² / 9.4 m²

Original Price: 839 € - 869€     Price: 449 € - 469€

RRD Breeze MKI

The magic mix of lightweight construction, easy rigging, trimming, and handling characteristic. The breeze is here for all those newcomers that want to get out there plane and learn how to jibe. The perfect tool to enjoy windsurfing with simplicity!

Available sizes: 5.0 m² / 7.5 m² / 8.0 m²

Original Price: 338 € - 389€     Price: 299 € - 389€

RRD Evolution MKVI

The first approach has been the one to re-design the sail from a scratch, to make it more modern, with lots of new features depending on each size and type of use, yet true to its core: EASY, POWERFUL, FUN. The new Evolution MKIV comes in 5 different sizes to cover all aspects of freeriding: 8.0/7.2/6.4/5.7/5.0

Available sizes: 5.0 m² / 7.2 m²

Original Price: 349 € - 378€     Price: 289 € - 356€

RRD Wave Vogue MKIII

Re-designed with the help of wave specialist John Skye, the new wave vogue has been refined in both outline, window designs and overall shape. The bullet proof construction of this heavy-duty surf sail is achieved through the use of 3 different type of top quality x-ply materials in different weights/strengts for different areas of the sail. No compromise with cost effective panel layouts, only pure performance and top notch design oriented choices.

Available sizes: 4.5 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.3 m²

Original Price: 436 € - 472€     Price: 299 € - 350€

RRD The Four MKV

The Four is our powerful new school 4 batten ripper. Plenty of drive and plenty of power to keep you going through everything. Whether it?s on the wave or in the air, the powerful compact foil of the Four gives you huge amounts of drive and response.

Available sizes: 4.0 m² / 4.2 m² / 4.5 m² / 4.7 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.3 m²

Original Price: 732 € - 780€     Price: 500 €

Maui Sails Global 2011

The Global returns in 2011 as our powerhouse wave sail for those who like a bit more juice and back hand input.

Available sizes: 4.5 m²

Original Price: 659 €     Price: 339 €

Maui Sails Legend 2011

The 2011 Legend is the ultimate fine-tuned side-shore wave sail. There is an even better soft feel and flawless transition from driving power to smooth release while wave riding.

Available sizes: 4.5 m² / 4.7 m²

Original Price: 650 € - 659€     Price: 360 € - 379€

Vandal Sails Stitch

The Stitch is our no cam Freeride / Freerace sail. It has once again blown the competition away with its test winning results and incredible top end speeds.

Available sizes: 7.5 m² / 8.0 m² / 8.5 m²

Original Price: 549 € - 579€     Price: 420 € - 445€

Vandal Sails Mission

The Mission is our twin cambered race sail. We thought it was about time to extend our sail range and build on the incredibly fast Stitch.

Available sizes: 7.3 m² / 7.8 m² / 8.8 m²

Original Price: 650 € - 670€     Price: 420 € - 479€

Point-7 Salt Campello LTD

Introducing a completely new limited edition of the SALT 5g called the CampelloLTD. A special version of the SALT 5G based on the special demand and wishes of the champ.

Available sizes: 4.5 m²

Original Price: 580 €     Price: 359 €

Point-7 AC-F 2016

Keep it simple and make it good. The AC-F features a super light construction, early planning, easy handling and demands very little of its user to work optimal. The AC-F is the ideal choice for the windsurfers who are looking more towards easy handling and light wind qualities over high wind performance. Speed, manoeuvrable, power, easy.

Available sizes: 6.9 m²

Original Price: 689 €     Price: 470 €

Severne Blade 2017

The 017 Blade is a 5 batten wave sail with the perfect blend of power and control. Sail profiles are designed for maximum stability and wind range. Moderate head tension allows responsive twist.

Available sizes: 3.7 m² / 4.2 m² / 4.5 m² / 4.7 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.3 m² / 5.3 m² / 5.7 m² / 6.2 m²

Original Price: 724 € - 775€     Price: 544 € - 699€

Severne Freek 2017

Dedicated freestyle performance. The 017 Freek is designed to give maximum lift, stability and easy ducking. Higher aspect ratios improve lift. The 5 batten layout means more stability and wind-range, and by utilising our high-tech materials technology actually weighs less than most 4-batten sails.

Available sizes: 5.2 m² / 5.9 m²

Original Price: 640 €     Price: 550 € - 570€

Severne S-1 2016

The S-1 is our 4 batten wave sail in premium panelled construction. Benefiting from the development of the Hyperspider S-1 Pro, this year's S-1 offers impressive wind range and lightweight reactivity, making it the most accessible S-1 yet.

Available sizes: 4.4 m² / 5.2 m² / 5.6 m²

Original Price: 730 €     Price: 589 €

Severne Freek 2016

Dedicated freestyle performance. The 016 Freek is designed to give maximum lift, stability and easy ducking. Higher aspect ratios improve lift. The 5-batten layout means more stability and wind-range, and by utilising our high-tech materials technology actually weighs less than most of the 4-batten sails.

Available sizes: 5.6 m² / 5.9 m²

Original Price: 648 € - 679€     Price: 575 € - 590€

Severne Blade 2016

The 016 Blade is a 100% X-Ply wave sail designed to create the perfect blend between power and control.

Available sizes: 4.0 m² / 4.7 m² / 4.7 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.7 m²

Original Price: 708 € - 810€     Price: 650 € - 710€

Severne Convert 2016

An obvious choice for any progressing windsurfer, the convert is purpose built to be easy to use. Weight is kept to a minimum, boom lengths are short and downhaul tensions are reduced for easier rigging and nice, soft handling characteristics.

Available sizes: 6.0 m² / 7.5 m² / 8.5 m²

Original Price: 574 € - 614€     Price: 480 € - 515€

Severne Unit 2016

The Unit is a single-cam blasting sail. Targeted at the 'Freestyle Wave' customer, the Unit brings the benefits of cams and is an alternative to the Gator.

Available sizes: 6.0 m² / 6.5 m² / 7.0 m²

Original Price: 649 € - 679€     Price: 549 € - 579€

Severne NCX 2016

Engineered for performance, the 016 NCX defines the no-cam freerace category.

Available sizes: 6.5 m² / 7.0 m²

Original Price: 713 € - 729€     Price: 650 € - 670€

Severne Gator 2016 Sample

The Gator sail range covers every type of windsurfing conditions from around the globe.

Available sizes: 4.0 m²

Original Price: 600 €     Price: 435 €

Severne Blade 2015

The 015 Blade is a 100% X-Ply wave sail designed to create the perfect blend between power and control.

Available sizes: 3.5 m² / 4.5 m²

Original Price: 607 €     Price: 430 € - 607€

Severne Blade Pro 2015

The luxury edition of our best-selling wave sail. The Blade Pro uses HyperSpider membrane technology to reduce weight, amplify performance and deliver an amazingly smooth sensation.

Available sizes: 4.7 m²

Original Price: 871 €     Price: 650 €

Severne NCX 2015

Engineered for performance, the 0I4 NCX redefines no-cam freerace sails.
Built on the SEVERNE race sail platform with reduced aspect ratios, a more connected leech and higher skin tension, the NCX delivers accessible race sail performance without cams.

Available sizes: 6.0 m² / 8.0 m²

Original Price: 585 € - 630€     Price: 550 € - 599€

Severne Turbo 2015

The 015 Turbo delivers cam sail performance in a lightweight, user-friendly package. The 2 roller cams stabilize the foil and provide pre-set shaping for power and drive through gusts and lulls.

Available sizes: 7.5 m² / 8.1 m² / 8.6 m²

Original Price: 699 € - 733€     Price: 599 € - 620€

Severne Blade 2014

The 014 Blade is the wave sail to choose for all-round high performance.

Available sizes: 3.0 m² / 5.7 m²

Original Price: 604 € - 615€     Price: 389 € - 519€

Severne Blade 2013

This sail drives power down through the board for increased drive, full rail turns and maximum control. The BLADE features a function driven panel layout and is engineered from technical laminates to increase strength and reduce the weight.

Available sizes: 5.0 m²

Original Price: 445 €     Price: 479 €

Severne Gator 2013


Available sizes: 3.7 m² / 4.2 m²

Original Price: 445 € - 465€     Price: 376 €

Severne Gator 2011

From the lake to Ho'okipa, the Gator sail range covers all types of windsurfing conditions. The core principles are manoeuvrability, durability, simplicity and performance. The same applied design fundamentals, adjusted to suit every sail size, enable riders to take the same approach to their windsurfing, whether it's mast-high waves or flat water.

Available sizes: 4.5 m²

Original Price: 515 €     Price: 376 €

Maui Sails Legend 2010

Some would say that a legend is a story that is set in stone, a grand tale of the best in the past. But MauiSails™ is not satisfied with leaving things as they were, and always seeks to bring steady improvements and performance value to their finest pure wave sail ever.

Available sizes: 4,0 m² / 5,0 m² / 5,7 m²

Original Price: 453 € - 527€     Price: 349 € - 388€

Maui Sails 2010 Switch

Most of the aspects of super fun windsurfing are enhanced when you choose a Switch for your quiver. If you enjoy high speed blasting but also want great maneuverability and bump and jump characteristics, it’s time to Switch.

Available sizes: 6,0 m² / 7,0 m²

Original Price: 468 € - 505€     Price: 360 € - 399€

Ga Sails Cross 2016

The Cross is our bump and jump, faster blaster. This sail is perfect for riders that want to have light handling and great turning in waves but also might like a sail that they can combine with a free ride board for some flat water blasting. The Cross really crosses over, with both normal and tube battens the rig can be controlled with ease at high speed and in gusty conditions.

Available sizes: 6.4 m²

Original Price: 799 €     Price: 420 €

Gaastra Manic HD 2015

The Manic is a great sail for all conditions and all windsurfers. When it comes to performance in big or small waves, it is in a class of its own; a radical wave sail with neutral handling no matter what happens.

Available sizes: 3.7 m²

Original Price: 639 €     Price: 330 €

North Sails Hero Hybrid - Hybrid ME 2016

With the HERO designer Kai Hopf achieved a big bang; all international tests continue to praise the World Cup 4-batten wave sail into the sky. The all-new HYBRID edition with SWITCH.BATTEN now is even more versatile as it?s individually tuneable: 5.0 and smaller with 4 or 3 battens, 5.3 and greater with 4 or even 5 battens.

Available sizes: 5.0 m² / 5.0 m² / 5.8 m²

Original Price: 660 € - 810€     Price: 450 € - 550€

North Sails Hero 2015

With the first HERO designer Kai Hopf immediately achieved a big bang and all international tests praised the World Cup 4-batten wave sail into the sky. No matter who got their hands on the HERO no one wanted to give it back.

Available sizes: 4.0 m²

Original Price: 623 €     Price: 379 €

Ezzy Sails Tiger 2015-2016

Last years 5 batten Tiger moves forward into '15 completely unchanged. The Tiger comes with color fusion film, a beautiful graphic layout, and both our Calibrated Downhaul System and our standard leech downhaul gauges.

Available sizes: 5.0 m²

Original Price: 680 €     Price: 593 €

Ezzy Sails Taka 2015

I designed the three batten Taka to be a pure wave sail. It's light in the hands and rides waves better than any sail I have ever used. During the Taka's developmental phase, there was always a fight between Kevin, Graham and me, on who got to use the Taka prototype that day.

Available sizes: 4.5 m²

Original Price: 699 €     Price: 433 €

Ezzy Sails Elite 2015

4 batten, versatile wave sail, the most versatile in the Ezzy lineup

Available sizes: 5.0 m²

Original Price: 699 €     Price: 570 €

Ezzy Legacy 2016

The Legacy Series is designed to offer a more economically priced option for sailors that demand the reputable Ezzy quality. The Legacy Sails deliver sublime performance and durability but we trim the costs by eliminating some of the extra bells and whistles.

Available sizes: 5.2 m² / 5.8 m² / 7.5 m²

Original Price: 599 € - 650€     Price: 519 € - 563€

Ezzy Taka2 2016

Last year, we released the Taka: a 3-batten wave sail that combined maneuverability with stability. We loved that the Taka's profile adjusted itself during sailing. Power when you want it, and none when you don't--like in the middle of a gybe or cut-back. But we wanted to make an even more stable sail, especially in high wind. To do so, we re-shaped the foil and added an extra stabilizer batten above the boom.

Available sizes: 5.0 m²

Original Price: 755 €     Price: 590 €

Ezzy Sails Lion3 2016

Quick to rig, the Lion3 is one of our favorite sails because it makes going fast no-hassle. After much testing, for 2016, David made the Lion3:

Available sizes: 6.0 m² / 8.5 m² / 9.5 m²

Original Price: 805 € - 900€     Price: 666 € - 699€

Ezzy Sails Cheetah 2016

Our go-to flat water sail, the Cheetah has a soft, locked-in race feel. Camless and easy to rig, the Cheetah?s deep foil provides power and speed. When we freeride, we want to go fast, nail 100% of our jibes, and rocket into the air if a ramp appears. This is the easy freedom that inspired the Cheetah, and what the Cheetah delivers.

Available sizes: 6.5 m²

Original Price: 795 €     Price: 649 €

Ezzy Elite 2014

Ezzy's new school wave sail.

Available sizes: 4.2 m²

Price: 482 €

Challenger Sails 4pro 2015


Available sizes: 5.2 m²

Original Price: 595 €     Price: 398 €

Bic One Design

In order to support the growth and development of the Techno 293 OD class, BIC Windsurf developed the One Design Rig package for use specifically by youth sailors on OD boards. This rig package has been designed to be raced in the widest wind range possible, representing the best possible compromise between light wind pumping performance and high wind planing performance.

Available sizes: 5.8 m² / 6.8 m² / 7.8 m² / 8.5 m²

Price: 525 € - 600€