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Fanatic Gecko 2018

The Gecko is the most user-friendly and fun Freerideboard we?ve ever had in the lineup. Its success and popular reputation has grown the Gecko range to a total of seven exciting shapes. Just step on, hook in and get ready for a whole lot of fun!

Available sizes: 98 liter / 105 liter / 112 liter / 120 liter / 133 liter / 146 liter / 156 liter

Price: 1 399 €

Fanatic Blast 2018

The Blast hit the scene with a bang! Inspired by some of our most successful models ? the Stubby and lightning fast Falcon ? the Blast does exactly what it says on the tin. Representing everything that got us hooked on windsurfing in the first place, we guarantee you?ll have a Blast!

Available sizes: 115 liter / 130 liter

Price: 1 999 €

Fanatic Viper 2018

If you?re looking to get into the sport of windsurfing, then the Viper is your ticket to ride! Our years of experience and thorough knowledge of the sport has allowed us to build the ultimate weapon for new sailors to get started.

The Viper epitomises all components needed to take the progressing rider from zero to hero. Giving confidence to newbies for those first steps onto the board, or speeding away in the harness, even using the footstraps for the first time, progression with the Viper will seem effortless.

Available sizes: 190 liter

Original Price: 1 499 €     Price: 950 €

Fanatic Skate 2013 used

The thoroughbred Skate Team Edition (TE) line’s proven itself with 5 World Titles and dozens of global test wins. Born for the PWA Big Moves format these 3 short shapes are perfect for double, triple and even more rotations with early-planing power to boost you up-to-speed between tricks.

Available sizes: 99 liter

Original Price: 2 200 €     Price: 600 €