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Fanatic Blast 2018

The Blast hit the scene with a bang! Inspired by some of our most successful models ? the Stubby and lightning fast Falcon ? the Blast does exactly what it says on the tin. Representing everything that got us hooked on windsurfing in the first place, we guarantee you?ll have a Blast!

Available sizes: 115 liter / 130 liter

Price: 1 999 €

JP Magic Ride 2017

The second generation of these extra wide, short and thin freeride boards provides super early planing, an easy, exciting ride and unbelievable jibing abilities for all rider levels.

Available sizes: 97 liter / 97 liter / 103 liter / 103 liter / 111 liter / 111 liter / 119 liter / 119 liter / 130 liter / 130 liter / 142 liter / 142 liter / 154 liter / 154 liter

Original Price: 1 399 € - 1 899€     Price: 1 250 € - 1 899€

Tabou Speedster 2016 LTD

The SPEEDSTER is World Cup SPEED in an EASY freeride board.

Available sizes: 100 liter / 118 liter

Original Price: 2 200 €     Price: 1 190 € - 1 390€

RRD Twintip LTD V5

The Twin Tip V5 is RRD's pure blooded long running and highly popular Freestyle Board line.

Available sizes: 91 liter / 101 liter

Original Price: 2 149 €     Price: 1 490 € - 1 899€

RRD Airwindsurf Freeride

We have put together an unbeatable board that will make you enthusiastic about the way it planes, accelerates and reaches incredible top speeds! Specifically recommended for freeriding, this is the real first step towards and new way of windsurfing at full speed planing before a composite freeride boards.

Available sizes: 150 liter

Original Price: 1 399 €     Price: 1 250 €

Tabou Da curve quadster 2016

Last year, Thomas Traversa dreamed of competing on the World Tour with just 1 board. He asked Fabien to make a prototype DaCurve that was faster in the surf and more adaptable to different kinds of waves so he could use it in both Europe and Hawaii.

Available sizes: 80 liter / 80 liter

Original Price: 2 200 €     Price: 980 € - 1 190€

Starboard Quad 2016

The Quad brings a combination of speed, flow an power to your sailing, for the most connected sensation to the wave. The four fins, tal-vee bottom shape and refined rails make it stable and extremely responsive, allowing for the most powerful and smoothest turns when driving off the rails.

Available sizes: 94 liter

Original Price: 2 400 €     Price: 1 550 €

Tabou 3S 2017 Ltd / CED

Freedom is the spirit of windsurfing. For us, freedom means simply having fun on the water in every kind of condition. A full quiver in just one board, the 3S is a board to ride in all sea conditions, similar to the all-mountain ski in skiing. The 3S planes fast and easy like a freerider but is maneuverable enough to carve in the waves and to try freestyle tricks

Available sizes: 106 liter / 106 liter / 116 liter / 116 liter

Original Price: 1 899 € - 2 100€     Price: 1 190 € - 1 290€

Tabou Pocket Wave 2016

The Pocket Wave is your hidden joker. This range of Pocket boards will bring the best out of anyone's sailing, no matter their level. Forgiving yet responsive, this board offers security to push you to your limits even in the most challenging conditions. Easy and early to plane, the Pocket gets you up and going through the waves, allowing you to pick the ramp of your choosing and fly into the air with solid pop. The compact outline delivers excellent control in the jumps.

Available sizes: 86 liter

Original Price: 2 100 €     Price: 1 100 €

Bic Beach

Beach range boards are the perfect solution for sailing schools looking for tough, strong, up-to-date yet easy-riding equipment. They?re manufactured using our new TOUGH-TEC technology: outer skin/shell made from ultra-resistant polyethylene, wrapped round a rigid, waterproof, polystyrene core. Beach Series boards are supremely stable for beginners, and easy for learning your first serious moves. The deck is covered with a thick cushion of EVA anti-slip grip foam. BIC Sport Beach series boards come as standard with a tough retractable daggerboard and with carry handles at the front, side and rear.

Available sizes: 160 liter / 185 liter / 225 liter

Price: 990 €

Tabou Bullit 2017

We want to give more people access to the best sport in the world?windsurfing?so we built the Bullitt, a fun freerider with an accessible price.

Available sizes: 125 liter / 135 liter / 185 liter

Original Price: 1 499 €     Price: 1 050 € - 1 390€

Tabou Rocket 2017

Overall, the Rocket is a classic freeride board with a balance of speed, acceleration, maneuverability, and control.

Available sizes: 125 liter / 135 liter

Original Price: 1 899 €     Price: 1 285 €

Fanatic Viper 2016-17

If you?re looking to get into the sport of windsurfing, then the Viper is your ticket to ride! Our years of experience and thorough knowledge of the sport has allowed us to build the ultimate weapon for new sailors to get started.

The Viper epitomises all components needed to take the progressing rider from zero to hero. Giving confidence to newbies for those first steps onto the board, or speeding away in the harness, even using the footstraps for the first time, progression with the Viper will seem effortless.

Available sizes: 190 liter

Original Price: 1 499 €     Price: 950 €

Goya Carrera

There used to be a time when only Race boards were built like the Carrera. And there is no other Freeride board on the market built like this even today. Thus its name is more than fitting.

Available sizes: 144 liter

Original Price: 1 990 €     Price: 1 190 €

Goya Volar

The Volar is accelerates with each lightest breath of wind. On a straight line or jibing, the board rides naturally and stable, giving the rider all the confidence to push their level at every move. With its thinner profile the Volar feels as an extension of your body.

Available sizes: 130 liter

Original Price: 1 800 €     Price: 1 290 €

RRD Fire Storm V2 (wood & LTD)

The Fire Storm program is been redefined in technology and expanded with two new shapes. Based on the scooprocker of the X-fire boards, the thinner volume configuration and the narrower tail allow these designs to be competitive boards with burning accelerations after jibes, but also great pleasant comfortable freeriding machines!

Available sizes: 101 liter / 111 liter

Original Price: 1 600 € - 1 700€     Price: 970 €

RRD X-fire V8 LTD

The all new X- Fire range is born from our endless search for the perfect modern racing machine. Countless hours of design and testing has been put by our winning international team in many locations around the world. The result is another thrilling performance from the PWA world champion boards used by Antoine Albeau.

Available sizes: 80 liter / 90 liter / 98 liter / 108 liter / 114 liter / 122 liter / 129 liter

Original Price: 1 999 € - 2 499€     Price: 1 899 € - 2 399€

Drops Naked 2009

The Drops naked boards are fast, easy moving boards, ideal for freeride, and some freestyle tricks too.

Available sizes: 105 liter

Original Price: 1 500 €     Price: 625 €

RRD Easyride Softskin V2

The Easy Ride boards represent the perfect set to equip any school and center around the world. 3 to correspond to the different weights and sailors level.

Available sizes: 166 liter / 180 liter / 220 liter

Original Price: 1 550 €     Price: 899 €

RRD X-Fire LTD or Wood V7

Incredible effort and dedication in the development process was the theme behind our all new X-Fire range. Five completely new designs with a different concept has yielded the best slalom boards to ever come from the RRD think tank.

Available sizes: 105 liter / 122 liter

Original Price: 1 750 € - 2 200€     Price: 990 € - 1 039€

RRD 360 evolution duratech V3

The balanced mix between floatation and performance makes the 360 Duratech line a perfect board to progress in your gybes and even allows you basic freestyle manoeuvres potential!

Available sizes: 145 liter / 155 liter

Original Price: 1 400 €     Price: 850 €

RRD TwinTip Ltd V3

There are only two programs in our windsurfing boards collections that get updated every year: the X-Fires for slalom, and the TwinTips for Freestyle. The reason in so doing is quite simple: every year we search new possibilities of increasing the performance level of the equipment so that our racing team gets the very best possible new details of shape, technology of construction and accessories package, so that they can have and edge on their opponents.

Available sizes: 91 liter

Original Price: 1 990 €     Price: 900 €

RRD Twintip LTD V4

The Twin Tip V4 is RRD’s pure blooded long running and highly popular Freestyle Board line. This year the TT is considerably wider in the mid rear section of the board and slightly narrower in the mid front section to allow a more parallel line flow: the new outline enables the board to have more leverage in this area in order to enhance the pop, and also have more surface area for easier landings.

Available sizes: 101 liter

Original Price: 1 800 €     Price: 990 €

RRD Firewave LTD

When you think you have tried all the possible wave boards shapes, you will wake up one day and be able to try one of our new boards in the RRD collection: THE FIREWAVE. It’s really fast, quick to plane, and accelerates like a freeride board, yet it turns smoothly and precisely on the face of any waves

Available sizes: 102 liter

Original Price: 2 000 €     Price: 1 782 €

RRD Firewave Wood

When you think you have tried all the possible wave boards shapes, you will wake up one day and be able to try one of our new boards in the RRD collection: THE FIREWAVE. It’s really fast, quick to plane, and accelerates like a freeride board, yet it turns smoothly and precisely on the face of any waves.

Available sizes: 102 liter / 112 liter

Original Price: 1 800 €     Price: 1 530 € - 1 782€

RRD Wave Cult V5

The new shapes of the wave cults V5 incorporate the latest development of our hi performance sailboards line: wider body boards that are easier to use, more stable, planing earlier. This main feature (wide body) might seem in contrast with maneuverability, but when you actually work with a thinner rail profile, increased rocker and tail ?V? then the whole right equation for performance level is achieved again with the good additions that the extra width will bring. A magic new formula that will improve the amount of sailing days in waves and will help improving your level.

Available sizes: 92 liter / 100 liter

Original Price: 1 950 € - 1 990€     Price: 1 250 €

Bic Techno line

The boards? performance, strength, stiffness and light weight is matched by the quality of the fittings. The whole Techno series is accepted as the benchmark in their individual categories.

Available sizes: 133 liter / 148 liter

Price: 1 090 €

Bic Techno 293 OD

What helped the Techno 293 OD become such a successful Class Racing board was its general performance and easy control. With a high volume and moderate outline, the Techno 293 OD provides a stable platform for learning to windsurf.

Available sizes: 205 liter

Price: 1 600 €

Bic Techno D line

This legendary range is part of the history of funboarding, boards that are easy to ride, fast and versatile. All of them equipped with daggerboard, so works perfectly in light wind conditions too.

Available sizes: 160 liter / 205 liter / 240 liter

Price: 990 € - 1 150€

JP Magic Ride 2016

More shapes, more sensation, more performance. More Magic! The line of thrilling and exciting extra wide, short and thin freeride boards has been extended to 6 models. Just like in the past they all plane unbelievably early and jibing has never been easier. They are super stable, yet the only ones in their class to provide an electrifying feel and lively ride. The performance and top speed of the new shapes are also unmatched.

Available sizes: 119 liter

Original Price: 1 849 €     Price: 1 190 €

JP X-Cite ride plus 2016

The name X-Cite Ride became a trademark for comfortable and sporty free riding. Outstanding test reports have confirmed this. The French WIND magazine tested the 125 and it was the only board in the group which they did not find any negative aspects to criticize. The PLUS in the name stands for improved overall performance and for the fact that the 6th generation is sportier than ever whilst still being easy to handle.

Available sizes: 145 liter

Original Price: 1 349 €     Price: 1 150 €

Goya One Pro

If you are looking for one board that can do it all, look no further. The One is fast, turny, easy to ride, for all styles and all conditions. Welcome to a real one board concept. Just pick your volume and go windsurfing. Done. The ONE combines the best features of all board lines we have yet been producing, and merges them into what is now becoming an instant favorite among riders and testers.

Available sizes: 144 liter

Original Price: 1 540 €     Price: 990 €

Fanatic Skate 2016 used

The no-compromise freestyle board from fanatic. Used, nice condition.

Available sizes: 108 liter

Original Price: 2 200 €     Price: 750 €

Fanatic Skate 2015 used

Do you have a bag of tricks up your sleeve and desire to WOW the crowds with your showmanship? Then the Skate is the board for you. Pop, rotate, spin, and get airborne with a double or even triple rotation, but do it in style!

Available sizes: 93 liter

Original Price: 1 990 €     Price: 699 €

Mistral Screamer 2006

A really sporty, fast freeride board.. In fact it is fast as a slalom bullet, but really easy to handle!

Available sizes: 95 liter

Original Price: 1 100 €     Price: 640 €

Quatro Freemove

Quatro's Freemove boards are stable, fast, and extremely maneuverable. Available in 100, 120, and 140 liters, the Quatro Freemove is faster and easier to plane than ever before. Made for versatile sailing in light winds, this line has something for everyone: it offers intermediate or bigger sailors a wider range of uses; beginners can use the Freemove to get started in flat-water sailing; and Quatro's Freemove is also recommended for expert sailors who want a higher volume board for light-wind days. Great for full-speed jibes and a sensational ride, the Freemove will take you where you've never gone before!

Available sizes: 120 liter

Original Price: 1 400 €     Price: 764 €

Mistral Joker 2007

Pure new-school freestyle weapon from mistral.. Very comfortable Air Pod footpads, spock-tail..

Available sizes: 102 liter

Original Price: 1 400 €     Price: 730 €

Drops Glider 2008

Glider is a board designed for slalom racing. Early planning and full speed..

Available sizes: 106 liter

Original Price: 1 000 €     Price: 499 €

Drops Witch Wave 2009

Witchwave is the radical wave board of the Drops range.

Available sizes: 80 liter

Original Price: 1 500 €     Price: 499 €

Drops Yeasty

Freestyle board by drops! Length 235cm, width 66 cm, 112l

Available sizes: 112 liter

Original Price: 1 040 €     Price: 733 €

Starboard Kode freewave 2015

The Kode FreeWaves are Starboard’s aggressive, fast, award-winning do-it-all boards for waves, freestyle or freeride. The new 81, 86, 94 models have versatile fin configuration that allows the new Kode FreeWaves to be tuned to match the rider's location: single fin for more speed and acceleration, thruster for improved grip and control with instantaneous maneuverability.

Available sizes: 103 liter / 103 liter

Original Price: 1 686 € - 1 990€     Price: 1 359 € - 1 390€

Starboard Flare 2015 carbon

The Flare is the choice of reigning PWA Freestyle World Champions Kiri Thode and Sarah-Quita Offringa, developed by the world's best freestyle team.

Available sizes: 101 liter

Original Price: 2 000 €     Price: 1 050 €

Starboard Atom 2014

The Atom IQs are Starboards next generation of super thin freemove boards. As freemove boards, they are designed to be exciting and fast in the straight line yet highly maneuverable and aggressive with a widest wind-range and control.

Available sizes: 100 liter

Original Price: 1 800 €     Price: 1 230 €

Starboard Quad IQ wood 2011

Introducing the new Quad IQ: the first adaptable multi-fin wave board. A board with five integrated fin settings to match every wave and all wind conditions.

Available sizes: 77 liter / 87 liter

Original Price: 1 399 €     Price: 850 €

Starboard Evo IQ 2011

The introduction of the 2011 Evo IQ extends the adaptable wave board concept to include the famous flowing rides of the single fin Evos, and the skatey feel of a twin fin.

Available sizes: 76 liter

Original Price: 1 150 €     Price: 755 €

Starboard Futura 2010 - used

The Futuras: the pure freeride boards that combine stability and ease of use with the widest wind range and the highest top end performance in its group. Blurring the lines between free-slalom boards and freeride boards, the Futuras are also, astonishingly, the most easy freeride boards in their group. This thanks to extra width and their ability to automatically deliver peak performance across a wide sweet spot.

Available sizes: 111 liter / 133 liter

Original Price: 1 800 €     Price: 680 € - 900€

Starboard Quad 2010

The World’s first Quad fin wave boards - more drive, more traction, the ability to generate more speed on the wave face, turn closer and tighter, ride more vertical with the ability to go where you want, when you want. When going out through waves, the Quads also help you to stay upwind better than single or twin fin boards, thus positioning you to catch more waves.

Available sizes: 76 liter / 81 liter

Original Price: 1 181 €     Price: 699 € - 720€

Tabou Manta 2016

100% slalom board from Tabou. Development of the Manta range never stops. The team is committed to year round development to ensure the best tools for the job. The Manta range has all the ingredients to put you on the podium; our goal is to go faster, turn better and constantly accelerate. The Manta range is a state of the art racing machine. There is no compromise here; when you step on the Manta, you will feel the power and grace these boards offer.

Available sizes: 106 liter

Original Price: 2 199 €     Price: 1 190 €

Tabou 3s LTD / CED 2016

No matter what kind of conditions you find, with a 3S board you are always right. Jump on, sheet in, and the fun begins. These shapes make windsurfing more easy, whether small waves or flatwater, big jumps, tight turns, and all-around speed give this board the magic! Classic freestyle moves are fun to learn on the 3S shapes. A variety of strap positions allow you to adjust for speed or bump and jump turny fun!

Available sizes: 96 liter / 96 liter / 106 liter / 106 liter

Original Price: 1 799 € - 2 199€     Price: 890 € - 1 410€

Tabou Bullit 2016

The Bullitt gets you on the water without breaking your budget, and the foam deck keeps your feet comfy.

Available sizes: 135 liter

Original Price: 1 499 €     Price: 969 €

Tabou Twister 2016

Freestyle windsurfing is all about creativity when reacting to the wind and water. The Twister boards give every rider the chance to stop thinking about the board to focus on landing new moves.

Available sizes: 100 liter / 100 liter

Original Price: 2 199 €     Price: 750 € - 1 200€

Tabou Rocket 2015 LTD / CED used

A perfect balance of speed and acceleration, maneuverability and control; these boards continue to raise the bar for any freeride board. Our test winning boards prove to be hard to beat … this comment coming from the shaper himself!

Available sizes: 95 liter / 105 liter

Original Price: 1 500 €     Price: 650 € - 690€

Tabou Coolrider 2017

Your easy start into the amazing sport of windsurfing.

Available sizes: 190 liter

Price: 1 200 €

Tabou Rocket 2014 - used

We invested 24 month to make the mission impossible possible. For 2014, the super popular Rocket range sees three new shapes in the 115, 125 and 135 with even better performance (faster, more early planning and better acceleration) without loosing any good points from the past!

Available sizes: 105 liter

Original Price: 1 800 €     Price: 590 €