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Unifiber chop hop freestyle fin

For lo-resistance slides but big-fin power this is the answer. A thick tip gets you up-and-running super quick with heaps of grip for it’s size. All models come in G10 so you can laugh off knocks in the shallowest of water without cramping your style.

Available sizes: 17 cm / 17 cm / 17 cm / 19 cm / 19 cm

Original Price: 82 €     Price: 45 € - 82€

Unifiber Shallow Rider fin

Keep the smiles coming even when the water runs low. A durable lowdraft fin to help learners gain control and confidence in the shallows. As teaching in groups often means keeping pupils close by and away from deeper water, the Shallow Rider copes with inevitable bumps and scrapes and helps novices learn to point and manoeuvre and sail away from trouble!

Available sizes: 26 cm / 28 cm / 28 cm / 30 cm / 30 cm / 32 cm / 32 cm / 34 cm / 34 cm

Original Price: 80 €     Price: 61 €

Unifiber freeride fin

A wide chord for straight-line stability and smart curve for jibes and turns. The Vinylester’s softer handling characteristics mean you get the perfect balance of rigidity and forgiveness...

Available sizes: 30 cm / 30 cm / 40 cm / 42 cm / 44 cm / 44 cm / 46 cm / 50 cm

Price: 82 €

Unifiber wave fin

Your 4WD go-anywhere wave fin. A sideshore profile with stiffer twist and flex for higher lift and good onshore behaviour too. With Vinylester construction in all sizes, everything but your wallet takes a knock. - See more at: http://www.unifiber.net/2013/gear/fins/wave/#sthash.9dPpS4Lf.dpuf

Available sizes: 25 cm

Price: 69 €