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RRD Airsup conv + inflatable Windsup

The new inflatable SUP boards program, equipped with a windsurfing mast attachment hole, and an innovative removable center, and rear fin.

Available sizes: 150 l / 172 l / 260 l

Original Price: 1 210 €     Price: 950 €

RRD Airtourer Conv Plus - windsurf / SUP board

The AIRTOURER 12’ CONV PLUS is the perfect toy for flat waters, lakes or rivers. Also excels in light wind breezes to be used as a windsurfer. Its length and width make it a preferred choice for those who wish for a fast board either with a paddle or a windsurf sail in their hands. Available in 2 widths, 32” and 34” for increased stability or heavyweights.

Available sizes: 320 l / 340 l

Original Price: 1 350 € - 1 357 €     Price: 890 €

RRD Aircruiser V2 inflatable SUP - BEST BUY

The inflatable SUP board line developed specifically for cruising on flat waters. awaters. Designed with a special wide and round outline and a 6” thickness profile the AIRCRUISER boards are very stable and easy to paddle under your feet. The perfect board for recreational paddling all over the water world! Avaliable in 2 x different sizes.

Available sizes: 310 l

Original Price: 1 152 €     Price: 850 €

RRD Air Race V2 SUP - inflatable

Can you imagine being able to go as fast on an inflatable board as you can on a full carbon board? This is what the AIRACE shapes do. Stable, practical and furiously fast!

Available sizes: 288 l

Original Price: 1 150 €     Price: 980 €