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Aqua Marina Fusion SUP

The Aqua Marina Fusion inflatable SUP is a dynamic board perfect for fitness, exploring and flat water fun. Ideal choice for those new to stand up paddleboarding or for riders looking to take on a new challenge.

Available sizes: 290 l

Price: 546 €

STX 10.6 inflatable SUP board

The STX 10'6 Freeride is but one such paddleboard, with a classic allrounder shape, it can be paddled on a variety of water-types to a reasonable effect, from flat water to small surf. Its volume of 260 L and reasonable width of 32' make the STX 10'6 Freeride very stable.

Available sizes: 260 l / 260 l

Price: 620 € - 640 €

STX 11.6 inflatable SUP board - windsup version also available

STX 11'6 Freeride SUP board, also in WindSUP edition. An inflatable paddleboard that is both rigid and airtight, as well as easily stored and transported. A screw thread in the centre of the STX 11'6 Freeride WindSUP allows you to mount a windsurf rig, giving you two toys in one, extremely good value package.

Available sizes: 295 l / 295 l / 295 l / 295 l

Price: 629 € - 689 €

STX 12.6 inflatable SUP board

The STX 12'6 Freeride is board ideal for touring; its elongated shape and tapered nose give it improved glide on flat water, as well as traversing chop with greater ease.

Available sizes: 330 l / 330 l

Price: 619 € - 679 €

Aqua Marina Thrive

From the success of its sister Breeze, the Thrive model design takes it's inspiration from the most popular nautical - Sea Turtle.
With it's generous volume and an integrated kick-pad, the Thrive is ideal for the lighter rider and for those who want to hit the waves.

Available sizes: 264 l

Price: 420 €

Aqua Marine SUP inflatable SPK-1

The 3m long SPK-1 paddle board is a great stable beginner’s board for surfers up to 34 to 95kgs . The board is made of drop stitches air deck fabric with layer of reinforced PVC in full wrap. SPK-1 features anti-slip deck pad for securing footing, flexible fins, elastic bungee cords, D-ring at bow and stern for seat or leash attachment. You can also get an *optional backrest set to turn the paddle board into a sit-on-top kayak. The iSUP is easy to ride and improves your balance and co-ordination, strength and endurance. Suggested to use on flat water, light surf or rivers.

Available sizes: 300x75 cm l

Original Price: 555 €     Price: 300 €

RRD Airsup conv + inflatable Windsup

The new inflatable SUP boards program, equipped with a windsurfing mast attachment hole, and an innovative removable center, and rear fin.

Available sizes: 150 l / 172 l / 260 l

Original Price: 1 210 €     Price: 950 €

RRD Airtourer Conv Plus - windsurf / SUP board

The AIRTOURER 12’ CONV PLUS is the perfect toy for flat waters, lakes or rivers. Also excels in light wind breezes to be used as a windsurfer. Its length and width make it a preferred choice for those who wish for a fast board either with a paddle or a windsurf sail in their hands. Available in 2 widths, 32” and 34” for increased stability or heavyweights.

Available sizes: 320 l / 340 l

Original Price: 1 350 € - 1 357 €     Price: 890 €

RRD Aircruiser V2 inflatable SUP - BEST BUY

The inflatable SUP board line developed specifically for cruising on flat waters. awaters. Designed with a special wide and round outline and a 6” thickness profile the AIRCRUISER boards are very stable and easy to paddle under your feet. The perfect board for recreational paddling all over the water world! Avaliable in 2 x different sizes.

Available sizes: 310 l

Original Price: 1 152 €     Price: 850 €

RRD Air Race V2 SUP - inflatable

Can you imagine being able to go as fast on an inflatable board as you can on a full carbon board? This is what the AIRACE shapes do. Stable, practical and furiously fast!

Available sizes: 288 l

Original Price: 1 150 €     Price: 980 €

Bic Sup Air inflatable SUP board MEGA SALE

A great option for anyone looking for a portable, compact board, the SUP AIR series features best-in-class performance thanks to their rugged 6? thick drop-stitch construction, a 15psi inflation limit and stable, efficient shapes.

Available sizes: 235 l

Original Price: 880 €     Price: 650 €

Mojo SurfAir inflatable windSUP board

The MOJO SurfAIR is an inflatable (wind) SUP board, made of the best material, with the most durable technology available on the market. (dropstitch, double layer). The SURFAir model: especially good in turns, and stability!

Available sizes: 249 l / 249 l

Original Price: 990 €     Price: 759 €

Mojo TourAir inflatable windSUP board

The MOJO SurfAIR is an inflatable SUP board, made of the best material, with the most durable technology available on the market. (dropstitch, double layer). It has been designed to offer the widest possible range of use: easy to maneuvre, fast, and can be used as a lightwind windsurf board as well. TOURAIR model - Longer waterline, higher top speed, good upwind-ability when windsurfing.

Available sizes: 319 l / 319 l / 319 l

Original Price: 959 € - 989 €     Price: 739 € - 799 €

Aqua Marina Race SUP

New size and design after an extensive R&D process born our RACE iSUP. It features a sleek race outline, 28 inches of width and 6 inches of thickness for incredible rigidity, stability and speed. It also has an integrated number guide and deck pad for referencing proper stance position. This board can fly with you to any race around the globe with no additional cost.

Available sizes: 288 l

Price: 650 €

Aqua Marina Monster

Monster is a stable platform with good glide for heavier rider getting into all aspects of this sport. The generous volume allows paddling with extra luggage or children aboard.

Available sizes: 347 l

Price: 589 €

Z-Ray X2 inflatable SUP board

All around multiboard, design for lake-river-sea. Unigue 15cm thickness drop stitch material. EVA: Fancy water wave EVA provide more durability and protection

Available sizes: 270 l / 270 l

Original Price: 669 € - 699 €     Price: 539 € - 560 €

Z-ray A1 Touring premium inflatable SUP board

The inflatable SUP Z Ray Premium A1 is specially designed for paddlers looking for a performance board, equipped and functional. With the best materials - Drop Stitch technology Double skin, high grade EVA - this short board (300cm) and thick (15cm) ensures easy operation and good stability.

Available sizes: 246 l / 246 l

Original Price: 749 € - 769 €     Price: 590 € - 630 €

Brunotti Big Bastard airSUP - convertible

The Big Bastard inflatable, and convertible sup-windsurf board comes with a complete package to get you SUPping. It includes apump with a pressure gauge to get the SUP in shape. A special bag so you can take your SUP everywhere. And an adjustable paddle that fits everybody. Apart from these key-items, we also include a repair kit. Just in case.

Available sizes: 265 l

Original Price: 990 €     Price: 867 €