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Tekknosport MonoDynamic T8 boom

Amazing stiffness, performance and durability within a T8 alu body and tail extension and a modern round Front curve! The monocoque (one piece) profile gives extraordinary stiffness and strength.

Available sizes: 135-195 cm / 145-215 cm / 160-230 cm

Price: 99 € - 149 €

STX Freemove boom

Entry level boom with excellent stiffnes and durability. Features a continuous aluminum front end with indestructible clamp Features: 1.4 mm wall thickness and 29mm diameter.

Available sizes: 162-222 cm

Original Price: 129 €     Price: 99 €

STX rdg monocoque boom

Our STX Reduced Diameter Grip. Features a 26mm diameter grip area and 29mm at the back of the boom

Available sizes: 145-195 cm / 160-210 cm

Price: 133 € - 150 €

STX cyber monocoque bum

High performance boom developed of maximum strength and funtionality. Specific boom profile and monocoque construction on this boom.

Available sizes: 137-198 cm / 162-222 cm / 183-244 cm / 202-262 cm

Price: 145 € - 169 €

RRD Evolution T8 boom

The new EV T8 boom is a completely new re-designed boom. Available in 2 different sizes, they are both fitting Freeride and Easy Ride Rigs.

Available sizes: 150-210 cm

Original Price: 160 €     Price: 105 €

RRD M T9 V3 alu boom

The M T9 boom is our strongest and stiffest alloy boom. The front end is equipped with a very simple and functional RDM mast adaptor that allows the switch

Available sizes: 140-200 cm / 160-220 cm / 200-260 cm

Original Price: 234 € - 259 €     Price: 199 € - 229 €

Prolimit teamwave boom 2016

Wave sails are different from Freeride/slalom sails and Slalom/Race sails have a complete different profile and centre of effort. Prolimit adapted this in the complete new boom range with the UIC bendcurve, giving each individual size boom and different profile targeted at the bend curve of the sails the boom is build for.

Available sizes: 145-195 cm / 145-195 cm / 160-210 cm / 160-210 cm

Original Price: 220 € - 230 €     Price: 183 €

Prolimit TCS rdg boom 2016

The Prolimit TCS boom stands for ?They call me skinny?. This is a full length skinny boom with a continues alloy backend. Featuring a 26mm Diameter with 1.8mm wall thickness made from T8 Easton Alloy. The TCS has 50cm adjustment for maximum sail range coverage. The TCS uses the unique Prolimit 2 piece Axial boom head. The TCS boom is a performance driven wave boom.

Available sizes: 135-195 cm

Original Price: 220 €     Price: 183 €

Pro-Limit Assault boom V-Grip 2016

V-Grip aluminium tube is setting the standard in stiffness with a smaller diameter. The tapered and ovalised inside section of the boom is more egonomic than a circulair section. More power, less effort.

Available sizes: 160-220 cm / 180-240 cm / 200-260 cm

Price: 256 € - 293 €

Prolimit Pro boom 2016

High performance: developed for maximum strength and functionality. Specific boom profile and monocoque construction.

Available sizes: 160-220 cm / 180-240 cm / 200-260 cm

Price: 172 € - 193 €