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Point-7 on Windsurfmarket


The black side of windsurfing is available on windsurfmarket :) The black brand's original, unique, beautiful sails are available, check them out!

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RRD booms arrived


RRD booms arrived, we can offer them for you with the best value for money ratio!

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Vandal Sales :)


The Vandal sails are on sale now! The best price / value ratio, freeride, freestyle, wave sails. Check them out

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Used good condition freestyle boards arrived!

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We have some nice freestyle boards, for nice prices.. Check them out!

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Rewarded movie interview - With Andre Paskowski

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Without Andre Paswkowski, we surely had lass DVDs on our shelves "favourite films section". This time he made something new, and different.

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2012 Model harnesses on Sale!


Watch out, maybe you will find the best prices in europe :) The shipment price is low for a harness, contact us if you have further questions (top of the page)

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Spotters of the Wind - Windsurfing western movie :)

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Our team spent 2 weeks in Dahab a few weeks ago. We were inspired by the empty streets in the morning. Everything looked like a small western willage. And the idea came! Let's make a windsurfing western movie :) Enjoy:)

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Catch the wind with Windspotter app!

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Some friends of our team developet a great app, which may interest you, because it helps You a lot to catch the wind! It is called: Windspotter!

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