RRD triple bag



Stand Up Paddle

ReSailCle bag, wallet



ReSailCle laptop cases - made from windsurf sails


New laptop and tablet cases are available from stock!

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RRD double and triple boardbags sale


Big yet light RRD double and triple boardbags arrived to our shop - get them now, they are on sale!

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RRD Sails Sale


Jacopo Testa became EFPT champion, and III. in the PWA 2017 Rankings. It´s the best time to go for a perfect, quality sail from rrd, with 50% discount in some cases!

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RRD SUP Mega Sale!


Air Tourer, Air Cruiser, and Air Race high-quality inflatable SUPS with a huge discount!

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If it´s cold than... Wear a neoprene beanie!


A comfortable a nice solution to fight the cold weather! Check out our neoprene beanies!

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NP wetsuits on sale - from stock


Check out our offer for the NP Mission and NP Rise wetsuits

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Overboard waterproof phone case


Quality waterproof phone case. Use your phone with full functionality in the water!

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Tricktionary III - the real windsurfing bible is now available


Windsurfing Tricktionary 3 book, ENGLISH language. What's more: 188 pages more than Tricktionary2, more than 250 pages more than Tricktionary 1!! What's new: Expanded beginner part / Enhanced and now huge light wind freestyle chapter / More focus on most important moves such as power jibe, fast tack, chop hop,... /  The latest "Power Moves" / Strongly enhanced wave beginner and intermediate part / Slalom tuning and tactics special

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